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  2. I'm farming the global event for classified gear all week. IGN seachicken-bob
  3. For those that dabble in the division..1.7 is here
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  5. Video says it all...
  6. The computer says... No. I'll give a hint: it's the country with most shooters in top4.
  7. The Dutch?
  8. Some say... some finns know how to shoot a rifle... I say... maybe. Also in the results in Open Semi-Auto category there were 5 Finns in top10 (1-3, 5, 7), first US was 10th. Jerry Miculec was 25th. In Standard Semi-Auto we did littlebit worse. Again only 5 in top10 but worse spots (2-4, 8, 10). First US shooter was 20th. Needless to say what country took home team wins in both categories...
  9. I personally saw this one coming considering barrie left.
  10. Ahh this is gaining momentum, definitely not a good culling if we don't downsize
  11. Again, easy way of culling. They leave by themselves.
  12. Soooooooooooooooo fucking good... Also pretty good...
  13. Bye Shawn! Didn't even have the balls to say that he left the clan
  14. Ah that's right. Now I remember. Easy come easy go. Those that left with them were never really DMM material anyways.
  15. Pease bro
  16. He was a recruit who was friends with Assassinz who wanted to modify the server for their own means. Him and the others left and poached members as well as players for their own server!
  17. ill try jump on in nxt few days ..well done
  18. managed to found a few hours to test the server, and the difference between this one and the old one are fucking huge! Works awesome cross, We just need to fix the RCON and we are fucking good to go!
  19. Scanning the forums and I saw this.....ha, who the fuck was this guy anyways? Guess I am the proton therapy zapping the cancer away.
  20. So in order to get arma 3 working, I had to use tdast. The web based rcon does not work with that. However I think our battlecomms should, at least it does with the arma 2 servers. If arma3 is having issues or we cannot get into rcon using battlecoms, let me know and I will try to fix it. Of course, if cross gets it working first, then that is preferred. But do not hold your breathe on that......we will be changing all the passwords shortly, so all you quitters be warned.
  21. did you manage to fix the problem ?
  22. It's working alot better than it was. The AI weren't shooting back and lots of rubber banding. Just played a few minutes with some other players. Running alot better.
  23. I will look into that tonight, server is new , but old files, but I think I need to check path to BE for the RCON
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