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  2. Star Citizen 3.0

    I am not sure if Cow and fucker still play it, but they used to play Elite all the time. They are very knowledgeable about the game, and would be more than willing to help you learn how to enjoy it!
  3. Star Citizen 3.0

    always wanted to check out Elite..might look into it
  4. Star Citizen 3.0

    I am not sure who plays this, or still wants to play it. I received an email that 3.0 is released, which is apparently an actual universe like Elite instead of a few repeatable missions and no direction at all. I will be trying it once I get my video card back from RMA! I hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Years. I had no desktop for a few weeks, and had to suffer with consoles and a gaming laptop.
  5. Best christmas present!

    my 2 girls are 1 today and 4..they are so much fun man..tiring lol but its the best
  6. Best christmas present!

    HA! Well congrats anyways. Kids, especially when they are younger than 6 are a blast.......once the age of reason hits, put them up for adoption.
  7. Best christmas present!

    bitch, that day i put a gun to my head !
  8. Best christmas present!

    says the guy with the rotating corn avatar......Treat the baby good, some day he/she/it will have to change your diaper!
  9. Best christmas present!

    u can print a big ol dildo to shove up ur arse..see viking cant do that <<
  10. Best christmas present!

    dont worry mate, im still gonna adopt u to !
  11. Best christmas present!

    Congrats... I guess...
  12. Best christmas present!

    Ah but mine are all grown up and now its time for me to have toys, you have 18-22 years of being baby poor
  13. Best christmas present!

    can your presents shit all over the fucking place ? Can they scream until u wanna kill yourself ? NO i win... haha
  14. Best christmas present!

    Sweet, but not as cool as my HS400 drone, 3d printer, Yeti mug, and oh, my predator 336 2-8x25 scope
  15. Best christmas present!

    well done DADDY! "D
  16. Best christmas present!

    Grattis bror
  17. Best christmas present!

    Just got the best present in my life!
  18. Finnish Independance day

    suomi karjala !!
  19. So in few days it's gonna be Finland's 100th independance day (or if we're fancy " Centenary of Finland’s independence"). So this years 6th of Dec. is a pretty big deal for us. So I'm prolly gonna go shoot in the morning as a celebration and then getting few drinks or something... like Finns do
  20. BF4

    I tried BF 1 as well it seems fishy when u have one person on enemy team 84 and 8 with no vehicle map. I also am not a big fan of no progression like old bf's. I installed bad company 2 and went in was surprised how many servers were still active and full! I am also reinstalling 3 and 4 since they also were fun. well 3 more than 4. I don't like zeroing for sniping. It was never apart of bf series till like 4. Bullet drop existed but not estimating how far someone is to be able to snipe them.
  21. BF4

    True...yeh BF1 is really fun. but there's too many wallers/aimbotters..the new dlc maps are amazing..but yeh bf4 is a good keen for games if anyone wants...times here in AUS are bit shit but add me on steam if anyones keen.
  22. BF4

    I was at one point, until all the hackers moved from 3 to 4. But now that 1 is out.. things might have balanced themselves.
  23. BF4

    So i downloaded BF4..does anyone still play it? been loads of fun
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