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    Again, easy way of culling. They leave by themselves.
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    Done deal, Server is staying in Los Angeles on CoLo hardware, the Dual Quadcore, I will be configuring this week, when I pull the server this weekend they will apply our current IPs to the server Saturday we will likely have some down time, I will try to get the TS on a Dyn URL so that comms are not compromised This way we keep the premium 1Wilshire internet connection. I have paid 2 months in advance,
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    I personally saw this one coming considering barrie left.
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    Ahh this is gaining momentum, definitely not a good culling if we don't downsize
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    Soooooooooooooooo fucking good... Also pretty good...
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    It's working alot better than it was. The AI weren't shooting back and lots of rubber banding. Just played a few minutes with some other players. Running alot better.
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    I will look into that tonight, server is new , but old files, but I think I need to check path to BE for the RCON
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    Probably because ARMA 3 server is new now so everything is gonna have to be re-config'd
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    The new server is up and running, I am working on configuring and preparing the server