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    Sigh, we still have a WaW server, that shit was fun, if you go old school and do shotgun only against friends like we used to do........but still a great game. Like the time Outwaugh got assed at Cross for setting bouncing bettys, so he changed his load out to juggernaut, and cross and i set up double bettys and killed him any ways. Just have to say, priceless fun from the angry pirate sounding fucker.......or the time i whipped out my flamethrower and burned him to death, or the time...........you get the idea.
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    Just letting everyone know that I have just moved to my own place, Still awaiting internet just like nate apparently (Probably get mine before him because im a beast) but im hoping to be around soon. Thats all for the update and catch you bitches later. P.S. Fuck shawn, Fuck bwolf, Fuck nate, Fuck everyone thats ever doubted me! (8 mile reference for you useless fucks)
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    need one of the Arma3 guys to get with me about admin for the server. Ever since we let that douche fuck with the maps, they have been jacked. If Arma 3 wants to stay viable, one of you die hards please get with me and we will see what we can do to get Arma 3 back right. I do not have it installed nor will I because Arma 2 is way better, but am willing to help.
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    gotta be you 100%
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    From what I've found its not a "person" I've found numerous reports about this number that says they are a fucking fraud that's trying to fuck with people and like say that you own them money and that kind of stuff
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    New Arma 3 Patrol ops server has been installed, same IP port, I moved the map files over, I suggest starting with fresh new untainted map files, if you say others are running just fine, then get that map file and see if it runs fine, rule some shit out also headless client is set up and ready, script needs added to map file to allow it to run get in test it out and let me know
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