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  1. New Arma 3 Patrol ops server has been installed, same IP port, I moved the map files over, I suggest starting with fresh new untainted map files, if you say others are running just fine, then get that map file and see if it runs fine, rule some shit out also headless client is set up and ready, script needs added to map file to allow it to run get in test it out and let me know
  2. Damn I miss this shit, and there was nothing more glorious than hearing Outwaugh scream goddamn fuckin bouncing betties fuck you you fuckin fuckers, furry was famous for sticky nade to the forehead,.... ahhh the days
  3. So today I am finding difficulty in respect for Finland
  4. just to set the record straight, I did not shut down shit,
  5. Black and dark as fuck metal
  6. Welcome to the club of doing stupid shit when loaded~~
  7. we had one, still have it, needs updated, but the flavor of the month servers dont get taken care of much
  8. to follow up on last post
  9. more music sharesies, I am grovvin on this song, nice mix of traditional and modern
  10. check this fresh ass music out
  11. really , out of what I wrote that was your take away... seriously
  12. Mother fuckers have got to go, what is the political fallout so far? I have heard from friends in Sweden that politicians are already calling to forgive this atrocious act of terrorism!