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  1. I am Back Bitches

    OK so I have been gone for about 4 months, I don't see that anyone noticed or cared, so fuck you too. dont turn your computer on for four months, it takes a bit to get everything updated and sorted out, that is where I am now. I will be getting some server updates, game updates and other adminning done in the near future. ~~ good to be home~~
  2. Best christmas present!

    Grattis bror
  3. This ones for you Shawn

    Ahh this is gaining momentum, definitely not a good culling if we don't downsize
  4. Moving On

    I will look into that tonight, server is new , but old files, but I think I need to check path to BE for the RCON
  5. Moving On

    Old server is sitting in my living room , and new server is online - we are in basic mode right now
  6. Moving On

    On Track I am scheduled to remove the server from the data center tomorrow, the new server is mostly configured, I have Arma 3 servers, OA servers, KF2 server and TS configured, We will experience a downtime tomorrow during my travels to Los Angeles, A roll call and a purge are coming soon, we are going to have a modeled plan and a new mission statement soon, or maybe not , depends on how much I drink
  7. Moving On

    The new server is up and running, I am working on configuring and preparing the server
  8. Moving On

    Done deal, Server is staying in Los Angeles on CoLo hardware, the Dual Quadcore, I will be configuring this week, when I pull the server this weekend they will apply our current IPs to the server Saturday we will likely have some down time, I will try to get the TS on a Dyn URL so that comms are not compromised This way we keep the premium 1Wilshire internet connection. I have paid 2 months in advance,
  9. Moving On

    OK our hosting company has made an offer that I may take them up on, The internet connection from 1Wilshire is one of the best in the country, Our host will provide hardware and bandwidth for the same price I have been paying Hardware is the part that made the switch difficult, I did not want to be that far away from the Server. I told our current providor that I will test drive for 2 months, if the service meets our needs then we will continue, they will be getting the server up for us so that I can configure this week and have it online before I take the server out on Saturday stay tuned OK new in here is what they offered me Dual Quad, 32Gs, 2 x 1TB hardware raid for slightly more than what we have just paid for bandwidth before, and they take care of hardware, and this is NOT a VM
  10. Moving On

    It has come time for me to make an announcement to the clan, As you all know my participation has dipped in the last 6 months, there are many reasons for this, but just suffice it to mean, Real LIfe Happened. Our server is a beast of a PC that is located at 1 Wilshire in Downtown Los Angeles, and the quality of hosting has been above average, with speeds world wide at a usable ping for most games. except for falloff, proof that using broken ass used and recycled shit does not pay for gaming. SO the time has come for me to shut down the server and take it out of the data center. over the years only 3-4 people ever bothered to pay anything toward the server fund, I have borne the weight of this for the last decade. so people that quit because we didn't do this or that or what fuckin ever can eat a dick, most of them never paid a cent, but I have never asked, To those that have given money to the server fund, and 1 person that sends every month with out fail-- RESPECT and Thank You--. I quit sending emails a long time ago, it seemed a lot like begging. But after more than a decade in Southern California I am moving the fuck on, and taking the server with me, yes that is right, taking it with me. Here is the thing, DMM was born in July 2004 while I was living in Boise Idaho, and now I am going back. SoCal be but a memory in 2 weeks. I have sold my business, my divorce is almost final, and I am checking out. So what does this mean to Clan members. Well let me tell you a little bit about DMM, at one time we were a very large clan, think back to BF2 days, and we were still very active in RVS. After that shit storm dies down we quit recruiting and gathered a few core members and we stuck it out, ran the server for our enjoyment and did what we wished. a few years back, ARMA2 era , DMM started growing, and we started actively recruiting, we have seen some excellent people come and go, so I love as brothers, and some, meh... DMM is definitely in decline again, this is not a bad thing, I welcome it, true brothers and members will stay and be counted as DMM brothers and sisters, we have many inactive that I still count as brothers and sisters, and some of you will go away, if you have been wondering or thinking about leaving, now is the time, just give us a note of your intent, and leave with our best wishes. ( Side Note-- Stopping In Elko Nevada to see Bud and Deathgrip). This coming Saturday the server will be going down and will be down and offline for up to 3 weeks, I will be transporting it to Boise Idaho, where I have selected a new co-location facility that I will be installing the server into. During the down time I will be doing some hardware tests, of memory, and motherboard, the system will be getting a new (replacement SSD for the OS partition, and a new 2TB sas drive for the game storage partition. During that time I will set up a temp TS server, and keep advisements here in this thread. Any questions , let me know and post here. Current Itinerary July 22 Server goes down August 3 Journey to Idaho Begins August 7 Arrive Boise August 8-12 new data center will be contracted, and server installed All admin rights on new server will be based on contributions to server fund, I will just not be making the big money anymore and don't need to pay the monthly cost myself, come on , help a brother out And yes Viking, working on maps and programming is valuable, and needed and is a contribution that has as much value as money, so dont stress over that again.
  11. Miscreated

  12. DMM stuff is all over the map on PO server

    There are significant changes coming to the server in the next 30 days, I will announce soon
  13. Welcome to Sweden

    In Old Uppsala we passed by a mosque, during ramdan found this - billboard in front - translates to "They need us and we need them" I laughed my fucking ass off