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  1. This ones for you Shawn

    Ahh this is gaining momentum, definitely not a good culling if we don't downsize
  2. Moving On

    I will look into that tonight, server is new , but old files, but I think I need to check path to BE for the RCON
  3. Moving On

    Old server is sitting in my living room , and new server is online - we are in basic mode right now
  4. Moving On

    On Track I am scheduled to remove the server from the data center tomorrow, the new server is mostly configured, I have Arma 3 servers, OA servers, KF2 server and TS configured, We will experience a downtime tomorrow during my travels to Los Angeles, A roll call and a purge are coming soon, we are going to have a modeled plan and a new mission statement soon, or maybe not , depends on how much I drink
  5. Moving On

    The new server is up and running, I am working on configuring and preparing the server
  6. Moving On

    Done deal, Server is staying in Los Angeles on CoLo hardware, the Dual Quadcore, I will be configuring this week, when I pull the server this weekend they will apply our current IPs to the server Saturday we will likely have some down time, I will try to get the TS on a Dyn URL so that comms are not compromised This way we keep the premium 1Wilshire internet connection. I have paid 2 months in advance,
  7. Moving On

    OK our hosting company has made an offer that I may take them up on, The internet connection from 1Wilshire is one of the best in the country, Our host will provide hardware and bandwidth for the same price I have been paying Hardware is the part that made the switch difficult, I did not want to be that far away from the Server. I told our current providor that I will test drive for 2 months, if the service meets our needs then we will continue, they will be getting the server up for us so that I can configure this week and have it online before I take the server out on Saturday stay tuned OK new in here is what they offered me Dual Quad, 32Gs, 2 x 1TB hardware raid for slightly more than what we have just paid for bandwidth before, and they take care of hardware, and this is NOT a VM
  8. Moving On

    It has come time for me to make an announcement to the clan, As you all know my participation has dipped in the last 6 months, there are many reasons for this, but just suffice it to mean, Real LIfe Happened. Our server is a beast of a PC that is located at 1 Wilshire in Downtown Los Angeles, and the quality of hosting has been above average, with speeds world wide at a usable ping for most games. except for falloff, proof that using broken ass used and recycled shit does not pay for gaming. SO the time has come for me to shut down the server and take it out of the data center. over the years only 3-4 people ever bothered to pay anything toward the server fund, I have borne the weight of this for the last decade. so people that quit because we didn't do this or that or what fuckin ever can eat a dick, most of them never paid a cent, but I have never asked, To those that have given money to the server fund, and 1 person that sends every month with out fail-- RESPECT and Thank You--. I quit sending emails a long time ago, it seemed a lot like begging. But after more than a decade in Southern California I am moving the fuck on, and taking the server with me, yes that is right, taking it with me. Here is the thing, DMM was born in July 2004 while I was living in Boise Idaho, and now I am going back. SoCal be but a memory in 2 weeks. I have sold my business, my divorce is almost final, and I am checking out. So what does this mean to Clan members. Well let me tell you a little bit about DMM, at one time we were a very large clan, think back to BF2 days, and we were still very active in RVS. After that shit storm dies down we quit recruiting and gathered a few core members and we stuck it out, ran the server for our enjoyment and did what we wished. a few years back, ARMA2 era , DMM started growing, and we started actively recruiting, we have seen some excellent people come and go, so I love as brothers, and some, meh... DMM is definitely in decline again, this is not a bad thing, I welcome it, true brothers and members will stay and be counted as DMM brothers and sisters, we have many inactive that I still count as brothers and sisters, and some of you will go away, if you have been wondering or thinking about leaving, now is the time, just give us a note of your intent, and leave with our best wishes. ( Side Note-- Stopping In Elko Nevada to see Bud and Deathgrip). This coming Saturday the server will be going down and will be down and offline for up to 3 weeks, I will be transporting it to Boise Idaho, where I have selected a new co-location facility that I will be installing the server into. During the down time I will be doing some hardware tests, of memory, and motherboard, the system will be getting a new (replacement SSD for the OS partition, and a new 2TB sas drive for the game storage partition. During that time I will set up a temp TS server, and keep advisements here in this thread. Any questions , let me know and post here. Current Itinerary July 22 Server goes down August 3 Journey to Idaho Begins August 7 Arrive Boise August 8-12 new data center will be contracted, and server installed All admin rights on new server will be based on contributions to server fund, I will just not be making the big money anymore and don't need to pay the monthly cost myself, come on , help a brother out And yes Viking, working on maps and programming is valuable, and needed and is a contribution that has as much value as money, so dont stress over that again.
  9. Miscreated

  10. DMM stuff is all over the map on PO server

    There are significant changes coming to the server in the next 30 days, I will announce soon
  11. Welcome to Sweden

    In Old Uppsala we passed by a mosque, during ramdan found this - billboard in front - translates to "They need us and we need them" I laughed my fucking ass off
  12. Welcome to Sweden

    I did only get to see a small bit of Sweden , from Stockholm to Old Uppsala, I was in Sweden specifically to celebrate Midsommar, I am heavily involved with a Swedish group Nordiska Asa-samfundet , and this was the driving factor that brought me to Sweden, but I shall return, there is a high likelyhood that I will be there for Jul , or maybe for Winter Solstice,I have yet to decide, it is to far away to decide at this time.
  13. Welcome to Sweden

    I have just returned from a short vacation from Sweden, , I wrote a blog post about it that I will share here Cultural learning from a trip to short to understand what I don't know, Welcome to Sweden The path to Sweden was a very long one, from the moment I decided to make the journey it seemed so far away. I did the research and spent time to find the most reasonable priced airline ticket without having to do a ridiculous 10 hour layover somewhere in the center of Germany. Eventually I did find Scandinavian Airlines and booked a round-trip ticket with no stops. One of the things that allowed me to make this trip was the fact that I had ran my business on American Express for the last five years. I had amassed a significant amount of American Express points which in turn could be used directly to book travel. So that is what I did through American Express travel center I booked my tickets to Stockholm using only points this cost nothing out of my pocket. Finally getting payback and reward for managing all of my business finances through American Express platinum card. It took an incredibly long time from when I purchased the tickets to when the day arrived that I would finally get on the plane first I was counting months a month takes up painfully long time to go by but finally in May 30 day mark came upon me. In May I finally started counting weeks, in June I finally started counting days, it was not until somewhere around June 19 I finally started counting days knowing that on June 21 I would finally get on an airplane at Los Angeles international Airport and make my departure for Europe. June 20 I am all but a wreck, my nerves are frazzled to near breaking point my anticipation is at an all time high – I cannot wait. I had spent a good part of 2016 and 2017 getting to know an absolutely fabulous bunch of people that are natives of Sweden I had thought that before I went I would learn the language maybe even learn enough to communicate on a very basic level in the Swedish language. That was possibly one of the stupidest things I ever considered by the time my departure date came around I was able to communicate on a level that would make the Swedish chef from the Muppet show really quite proud. But would probably get me laughed out of Stockholm by groups of children. June 21 arrives and I am fully prepared to hit the road I have thought of everything my bags are packed everything is 100% in place and ready to go. My best friend George shows up at my house with plenty of time to meet the schedule that we had decided on to make sure I arrived at Los Angeles international in time to make my flight, we back up my luggage and hit the road. I think at this point a measure of peace overcame me the absolute frenzy and nervousness of the pending trip was now behind me it was go time I was doing this there's no looking back. I announce to the world that I was on my way watch out Sweden here I come.I I arrived at Los Angeles international Airport in plenty of time I checked in got my tickets cleared the horribly painful United States version of airport security and made it upstairs and found my gate. Now it was only a matter of patience it was a game to see if I had the ability to wait and not psych myself out. The boarding call came, my number was up, I got in line everything became very real at this point. The difference in this trip compared to all of my other trips to Europe is that I was not going to be a tourist. I was on my way to meet friends and spent several days immersing myself in the culture of my friends. Now one thing I need to point out is that all of these friends are people that I had gotten to know on Facebook, yes that's right Internet friends people you talk to from across the globe that you figure you will never meet. While I was breaking that rule and making the exception these were people that I wanted to actually place a personality and a person to the name I seen the pictures I had seen the writing but that is all, almost there only 10 painful hours crammed into a space it was barely big enough for a toddler but sold to a full-size American male, I am man go ahead and squeeze me into it tiny spot I will persevere. Arrival, I have traveled to Europe many times, gone through many airport security checks, passport checks, customs checks, it is the same query process no matter what country you go to a sea of humanity all wanting the hell out of the air port, and they were all in front of me. For the love of the gods and everything sacred get me out of this place. It took near an hour. I finally stepped through to the public portion of the airport an unusual thing the sun was shining in Stockholm to greet me and welcomed me to Sweden it was pretty awesome, Sweden here I am, I have arrived. It only took a few short minutes and I was able to find my brother Haakon, we needed no introduction it was a joyous meeting I was never happier to see somebody in my life I truly felt the special bond that him and I have created and gave the man a great hug to show my appreciation for him and his willingness to take away from his busy schedule to come and gather me up at Arlanda airport. Road trip we were going to Gamla Uppsala to spend the end of the week and weekend camping for the Swedish national holiday of Midsummer. I believe the journey was approximately 30 km. After leaving the low desert and southern California coast of nothing more than palm trees silica sand barren mountains it was an absolute joy to see the lush green of the Meadows and trees of Sweden. I could not look around and take it in near fast enough everything was absolutely beautiful. I had 1 million questions for Haakon but I could hardly get a single one out. I was truly overwhelmed to be here so much and led up to this moment and I was actually here , there are not words that can actually explain how I felt at this moment. Campground we were staying at Fryishov stugby and camping in Gamla Uppsala, I still have absolutely no idea what that means or how to properly pronounce it but I had a reservation for cabin 15, I was set and I was ready I checked in, and checked out my accommodations. It was a curious little cabin, one tiny room with built-in bunk beds a small but very functional bathroom, and a living room kitchen. During my entire stay I never looked at the kitchen, I never turned on the TV they were just of no interest to me. I received a text message from Haakon that I was welcome over to his campsite. I gathered my gifts and went that way it was a short walk. I got a look into what I think I shall consider a fairly typical Swedish camping trailer camp set up. In so many ways so much simpler than anything the average American would consider doing, but yet entirely functional and comfortable doing exactly what it was intended to do. He invited me into his camper tent and I delivered my gift to him, a commemorative flask, but know that would never be good enough for me just a flask seriously I brought it all the way from America a flask like that deserve some good American whiskey. I had also brought a small bottle of Jack Daniels honey. This was in my mind the perfect liquor for this gift, Haakon assures me that I chose wisely and properly and that this was indeed a good gift after rinsing out the flask with a little bit of moonshine Haakon filled it up with honey whiskey and I watched him sample that whiskey for the rest of the weekend. For me I am naturally a person who likes to give, it gladdens my heart each time I seen Haakon pull the flask out and take a shot. I am taking a shot from my personal flask which also contains honey whiskey right at this moment to commemorate this memory Hail Haakon my brother- damn that stuff is good. It was now time, I had heard about the mead, there had been rumors about the mead, but here it was – Haakon pulled out possibly the largest glass bottle I have ever seen no idea how big it is I'm going to guess somewhere in the vicinity of 3 to 4 L and asked me if I would like to try his Apple mead, never has a sillier question been asked of me in my entire life, this to me was a high watermark of my trip, I'm standing in sunny Sweden the temperature is high 60s is absolutely gorgeous my brother has offered me some of the finest Apple mead that I could have ever tasted in my life, it really does not get any better. Waiting for Slaka Kristian is a curious man, with a curious personality. He was finally making his way towards Uppsala and even with his GPS challenges finally managed to arrive at our camp. Hail to another brother someone who I had also been anticipating meeting for a very long time. He had purchased several items that I had made to raise funds for NAS and rather than shipping them I had the unique pleasure of being able to put them in his hands delivered all the way from America by me personally. It can never be that cool ever again. I was in a land where the native language has a unique cadence and a unique sound compared to the relatively slow and controlled English that I speak. During the year I had picked up some Swedish from riding on Facebook and I thought that yeah I should be able to pick up some of the speech if I can't speak it maybe I can understand a little bit of it, really I had fooled myself that deeply, I could not understand a single word there were times when I heard them talking about splattered bananas and deep-fried dingdong's and other stuff that I could pick out of the language but somehow I don't think what they were saying of what I was hearing were on the same level. For a large part of the time everybody was gracious enough to speak English even though it is a second language that they rarely speak they took the time and patience to speak English to include me in the conversation. There were often times where they would start speaking their native language I did never hold that against them it seems like they were doing what comes naturally and always somebody would translate the important parts sometimes five minutes of Swedish could be translated down to 30 seconds of English, I got the important parts. Party on I was welcomed into a group of people that had been brought together by faith, but we had all come to this special spot in Sweden to gather, two-party, to feast, and to get to know our kin on an entirely different level. I think we each were empowered by each other's presence the men the women the children the families, all here to celebrate mid-summer. Never have I gone to a foreign place and felt like I had come home. Never had I been so far from home and felt so welcome as I would in my own neighborhood or possibly more. It was nearly an overwhelming experience with the most gracious accepting and kind people that I have met anywhere in my travels around the world. Thank you to all I didn't name many names because I don't want to leave anybody out. You all know who you are and you all know what you mean to me 1000 thanks can never be enough to express my appreciation.