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  1. currently updating the arma 3 server. I hope to have it back up by Noon on Sunday.
  2. So, when we reboot the server, the temp password for TS goes away. Some admins, myself included forget to reset the guest password. You need to type it in and not copy paste it, as I have seen issues with that method.
  3. Sigh, we still have a WaW server, that shit was fun, if you go old school and do shotgun only against friends like we used to do........but still a great game. Like the time Outwaugh got assed at Cross for setting bouncing bettys, so he changed his load out to juggernaut, and cross and i set up double bettys and killed him any ways. Just have to say, priceless fun from the angry pirate sounding fucker.......or the time i whipped out my flamethrower and burned him to death, or the get the idea.
  4. need one of the Arma3 guys to get with me about admin for the server. Ever since we let that douche fuck with the maps, they have been jacked. If Arma 3 wants to stay viable, one of you die hards please get with me and we will see what we can do to get Arma 3 back right. I do not have it installed nor will I because Arma 2 is way better, but am willing to help.
  5. Well, do what needs to be done and get back in the game. If it is a woman, and she keeps you from gaming, then dump her.
  6. nope, the union is on the wrong side. Union always left and towards the front is side mounted. Totally Un-American.
  7. "seriously do not care about ue," is the ue supposed to mean us? think you have a typo there..............
  8. Wow, great restraint fellers. I am sure the time will come that a rightous ban will come in and beg for mercy, and all he'll will be unleashed, but lately, although the gun is cocked and loaded , you guys have shown some admirable patience. Thanks, makes me proud. Maybe one day I can do the same.....
  9. Haha he said engrish..... !Fucking awesome response.
  10. Problem with midgets is, their arms are too short to give you a reach around......
  11. Well I think rock should chill a bit. was a just an appeal, well written and with some constructive criticism. He did not come off as an ass either. But for the love of God, do we really need to add the entire fucking post to responses people? Vioing, does your piss any country even have a viable military?
  12. Btw, the wife just informed me that her dental office owner, the largest in nc, son in law is the blonde guy in that band....small world.
  13. Yep, he is a real fucker. Born from the spilled puss off a fat chicks hairy boil located on her anus wall. But he is our hairy anus boil......and therefore must mot be shunned or hated, because he is, well a pathetic little midget type man with the body of a old fat person.......the list goes when his shirt pops out, you can see his brain the cottage cheese on Hilliary's back the folded fat on Rosie's sweat filled, wet lint laced belly..........
  14. Whoa, he had bad grammar.........