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  1. Post Your Ships

    So when will the game actually be 100% ? It actually looks good, but I am not into buying vaporware, or what amounts to being a demo. When it goes beta, I'll buy it. Until then, I 'll stick with an "A" class Fed Corvette with level 5 engineered "Beams". For that matter my "A" Class Imperial Cutter and Anaconda, with class 5 engineered shit as well. If anyone does play Elite, Bud and family, along with some stray noob pubbers are having a blast flying in wings and helping each other with the game. More than willing to assist anyone else that needs the money in game, or just in general needs assistance.
  2. 2017 IPSC Rifle World Shoot

    The Dutch?
  3. This ones for you Shawn

    Again, easy way of culling. They leave by themselves.
  4. I'm Done

    Ah that's right. Now I remember. Easy come easy go. Those that left with them were never really DMM material anyways.
  5. I'm Done

    Scanning the forums and I saw this.....ha, who the fuck was this guy anyways? Guess I am the proton therapy zapping the cancer away.
  6. Moving On

    So in order to get arma 3 working, I had to use tdast. The web based rcon does not work with that. However I think our battlecomms should, at least it does with the arma 2 servers. If arma3 is having issues or we cannot get into rcon using battlecoms, let me know and I will try to fix it. Of course, if cross gets it working first, then that is preferred. But do not hold your breathe on that......we will be changing all the passwords shortly, so all you quitters be warned.
  7. Moving On

    About time. Fix that shit and get it back online. Fucking slacker bitch.
  8. arma 3 server

    currently updating the arma 3 server. I hope to have it back up by Noon on Sunday.
  9. Is there a reason why my password for TS

    So, when we reboot the server, the temp password for TS goes away. Some admins, myself included forget to reset the guest password. You need to type it in and not copy paste it, as I have seen issues with that method.
  10. World At War

    Sigh, we still have a WaW server, that shit was fun, if you go old school and do shotgun only against friends like we used to do........but still a great game. Like the time Outwaugh got assed at Cross for setting bouncing bettys, so he changed his load out to juggernaut, and cross and i set up double bettys and killed him any ways. Just have to say, priceless fun from the angry pirate sounding fucker.......or the time i whipped out my flamethrower and burned him to death, or the get the idea.
  11. DMM stuff is all over the map on PO server

    need one of the Arma3 guys to get with me about admin for the server. Ever since we let that douche fuck with the maps, they have been jacked. If Arma 3 wants to stay viable, one of you die hards please get with me and we will see what we can do to get Arma 3 back right. I do not have it installed nor will I because Arma 2 is way better, but am willing to help.
  12. still kicking about

    Well, do what needs to be done and get back in the game. If it is a woman, and she keeps you from gaming, then dump her.
  13. Shit I found in the Internet

    nope, the union is on the wrong side. Union always left and towards the front is side mounted. Totally Un-American.
  14. Sweden Attacks

    "seriously do not care about ue," is the ue supposed to mean us? think you have a typo there..............
  15. Wow, great restraint fellers. I am sure the time will come that a rightous ban will come in and beg for mercy, and all he'll will be unleashed, but lately, although the gun is cocked and loaded , you guys have shown some admirable patience. Thanks, makes me proud. Maybe one day I can do the same.....