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  1. A couple years back you were doing exactly this as well -Grovesy ({DMM}NATE666's failure of a child)
  2. Black car problems

    If you tell me you're into bug eye I'll be more than disappointed
  3. Black car problems

    Hmm unsure on the tail light part of things.. Is it a WRX, or an RX with a scooped hood? I would've loved it more if blob eye
  4. Im a suspected hacker...

    Lmao at the "I wasn't hacking I was masturbating!"
  5. NUKE !!!

    Do a fucker and just tell someone else in TS to do the banning
  6. ban appeal

    been watching shawn's signature of the guy dancing on the bull for the last 10 minutes. Smooth as fuck.
  7. Twitch and Youtube

    What happened to the customer is always right? Fucking liberal
  8. Found a live .50 BMG while hiking [WWII-Today]

    rapists, Catholic door knockers, drug addicts, homeless people, illegal immigrants, all dangerous things you may find in these old locations. I've heard the most fun thing to shoot up is heroin:)
  9. Twitch and Youtube

    What are you streaming and what time in the Western of Australia? I'm too incompetent to work out time differences and stuff. Has to be in digital clock because I also can't read analogue:(
  10. Show off your pets

    But I spend all my days high off my face on pot and painkillers, so am I really ..alive? My craptop is literally dying on me so I've got no way of gaming anymore. Thinking I might buy a new computer when I sell the car, but that means I need to stop being a shitcunt and do stuff so I haven't done that yet. Will probably try get around to it later on. Basically can find me on PS4 now.
  11. Show off your pets

    Shhh Viking, Chocolate is listed as very harmful for dogs, but it's only lethal in larger amounts. A lot of people seem to exaggerate this a bit too much and take it out of proportion. These are definitely things you shouldn't be handing to your dog on a regular basis, but on occasion and if it's a small piece of chocolate it really won't do them any harm. It's a lot like alcohol on humans. The stuff absolutely destroys our livers, but we still drink it. Only lethal in large amounts. Although I do disagree with him giving the dog a pot brownie. Although no harm was probably done it's still something I wouldn't be doing to my own pet. I don't really understand why a lot of people insist on getting their pets high. I always feel like it could be a potentially stupid thing to do. Can't explain to a dog that it's just a bad high and that it'll be over shortly. Could potentially really freak the dog out. Although speaking of, I had an incident with my friend where we had been compressing his smoke room and didn't realise the dog was behind one of the chairs. We pretty much nurtured him the whole time and sorted him out with some munchies, after that he'd always want to follow us into the smoke room. Every so often we'd let him, but only if we'd be staying home the rest of the afternoon with him. I always think it's potentially dangerous for pets to be getting high, they can't explain to you how they're feeling or what's going on in their head. Guess I need to find some pictures of my dogs and post them up then, join the rest of the group..
  12. Show off your pets

    Man, Jacko looks stoned as shit in this lmao
  13. Bad Ass of the Week

    Kids would probably be scarred for life..
  14. Black car problems

    The smoked tail lights make it look extremely gay, why the all black scheme? Trying to make your own batmobile?
  15. Black car problems

    no it's not, don't lie.