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  1. Moved!!!

    Fuck off cunt... your just a great big les!
  2. Moved!!!

    Just letting everyone know that I have just moved to my own place, Still awaiting internet just like nate apparently (Probably get mine before him because im a beast) but im hoping to be around soon. Thats all for the update and catch you bitches later. P.S. Fuck shawn, Fuck bwolf, Fuck nate, Fuck everyone thats ever doubted me! (8 mile reference for you useless fucks)
  3. World At War

    Is anything going to come of this waw love? Miss the original zombies.
  4. I need a step up my game lol

    Hey, he an awesome lay, Not my fault Im a little kinky.
  5. I need a step up my game lol

    HAHA, I havent played in atleast 3 months and im in the top 16. Dude you suck!
  6. That will not be the code I wrote. Unless you edited it.
  7. I did it, Ate a mean curry and turned into a anal machine gun. POW POW FART POW POW
  8. Anyone notice that 'wile' was spelt wrong, I just did.
  9. Assasin Excommunication

    The server they were on may also be running our code, 24 player cap is unique to us. PO3 and PO4 are standard 32 (+Headless) player cap. Thieving fuckers.
  10. No one likes you nate, Don't worry that you can't play with us, We all kinda like it that way.
  11. Fuck this fake ass bitch, Keep him banned!
  12. No warnings, no trial, no chance. This is her trial.