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  1. the combined ops one doesnt seem to work anymore, i cant find it for some reason, so you guys have moved completly to arma 3?
  2. Im Banned From Patrol Ops Zagrabad

  3. Im Banned From Patrol Ops Zagrabad

    @Grov That was when I just joined. This was my first MP server I learned to halo into the AO about 700 meters away from the AO if I HALO in at all anymore
  4. Im Banned From Patrol Ops Zagrabad

    And whats The server ip I can only find it by browsing through the arma 2 server list... Remote connects turns up nothing
  5. Im Banned From Patrol Ops Zagrabad

    When did I destroy a hangar. Haven't played in ages.... Couldn't find the Patrol Servers and just got bored of Arma for a little
  6. Ban note ="HANGAR!!!!!!!!" Sorrty for anythign I did, even though I dont remember doing anything horrid. May an admoin please unban me :/