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  1. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone, remember to raise a glass for us sorry bastards over here in the sandbox
  2. all i can say is, you play stupid games you win stupid prizes
  3. You might think you are badass

    all i gotta say is rangers lead the way
  4. Just stupid

    Well now ya tell me the exo mod isnt allowed
  5. Kick for TK

    I aggree with Barrie, you wear opfor gear you should be treated as such
  6. Report of DMM Member Abusing Powers

    This thread if fucking awesome is*
  7. Been thinking about joining the service

    army rangers or sf, is what you want, granted the amount of dumb shit is high, rangers is better, at least then your infantry
  8. Banned

    You'll get yours Barrie, all in due time
  9. Banned

    this post is fucking awsome, why i love the forums.
  10. just an idea

    Thats fair Cross
  11. just an idea

    and i also hate teamkilling, sooo...
  12. Hey, I put in a banned and I disagree, and the admin who banned in reply just told me to fuck off because he thought I did this stuff all the time but I don't, so the real I was banned was because all I did was shoot my friend for being a dick and immediately revived him afterwards, and that was my only offense on that server on purpose, and I was perm-banned for it, even though we even explained to everyone that we were friends, didn't mind, and he was revived on the spot, so I would like you to contemplate my post instead of the other admin who thinks that my group of friends is nothing but cancerous aids.]


    1. Bwolf240


      bro imma let you know right now, i hate teamkilling. so coming to me to try and appeal a tk ban aint gonna work

  13. Happy Birthday

    so this thread got wierd and fucked up real quick
  14. Dont unban this kid

    Hes a special kind of stupid
  15. Shit I found in the Internet

    oh pnn the amount of stupid bullshit ive heard from that is stupid