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  1. No I haven't thought to look at server motherboards because I build gaming machines in mind.
  2. My current rig has 2 HDD's in RAID 0 for maximum performance. It also has 24 GB of RAM and it runs my surveillance software so I need every CPU, HDD, and a tiny bit of ram I can get per camera... The raid performance of the HDD's was not up to par with a single SSD Samsung 850 PRO that I have also installed in it for gaming. That said I'm not against RAID for some SSD's but I don't intend to do the RAID 1+0 instead probably do Raid 5. That would require 4 drives and I'm all about space. GTA takes 70GB alone hence the 1TB SSD. I do have the Steam application DIMMDrive (RAMDISK) that would love to have 48GB of RAM to use for each game. GTA though would still not fit in the entire 64GB ram that I plan to install.
  3. I tend to turn my last model gaming rigs into servers. Servers do indeed use as much RAM as they can get their grubby little hands on. Since I do plan on running 64 GB of ram I do indeed want to run a RAM disk and use that as a swap/current game partition to make games load at speeds of GB/s and not just MB/s. I'm thinking 16 GB of ram for system and 48 GB for a RAM disk.
  4. Short term budget is ~ 1 video card. Long term budget is about $3500. I'm using the assumption that in 400 days this build will cost a lot less. ^ Added the build in my first post sorry for that over sight.
  5. Hey all, Looking to build a new gaming rig that's sustainable. Want some honest opinions. Pro and con type reviews as to why certain parts are good or not would be preferred to, questions about why a certain piece or I like this part etc... Thank you, Stryker99
  6. I'm hosting a new modded server for DMM listed in Internation as DMM_easy-redux, password DMM. My connection should be able to host 8 players with ease but the limit is set to 16.
  7. I'm not buying a card until Christmas. If there will be a price war we will see changes by Christmas. I don't want a run of the mill card. I want one that will be able to play some of the next generation games that will be coming out end of this year and for the next 3 years. I also want one that is VR-Ready.
  8. I'm using an old ATI Radeon HD 5770. Around Christmas I will upgrade to a 1070 most likely. It will be like night and day difference.
  9. Just my tiny connection from California.
  10. Discord is more of a lightweight Voice over IP program. It is currently in Beta and therefore still free to use and setup. The one nice thing is that you don't need the full lightweight client to talk as you can use just any web browser. Also as it was mentioned earlier there are apps for both Google App and IOS app stores to allow someone to pickup the conversation from the desktop to a mobile platform on the fly. There are less choices in the stand alone program related to voice quality and micro management. Also it's not as flashy as TS is when it comes to channel pictures and images etc.
  11. Wow, just wow!!
  12. Thank you the post looks much better with some art to go along with the text.
  13. Thank you The Man the God the Legend! Here's my list of ships in order from shortest to longest. Some of these ships look absolutely amazing! Kruger P-72 Archimedes (12m) Origin 85X (13m) Misc Reliant Mini Hauler (13m) Drake Buccaneer (20m) Drake Herald (23m) Origin 315p Explorer (24m) Misc Prospector (24m) Aegis Sabre (26m) Misc Freelancer (32m) Aegis Vanguard Warden (37m) Aegis Vanguard Sentinel (37m) Anvil Crucible (80m) Misc Starfarer Gemini (100m) Misc Hull C (104.5m) RSI Polaris (155m) Aegis Dynamics Reclaimer (158m) RSI Orion (170m) Misc Endeavor Master Set (200m)
  14. Here's what a real crew looks like. Not afraid to get a little mud on the cars.
  15. Nate getting jiggy with it!