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  1. I am Back Bitches

    damn, that's a nice picture of shawn ! or anyone of these trailer trash cousinfuckers we have in this clan
  2. I am Back Bitches

    bitch i was fabulous
  3. I am Back Bitches

    fuck.. you still alive .. fucking finns..
  4. Best christmas present!

    bitch, that day i put a gun to my head !
  5. Best christmas present!

    dont worry mate, im still gonna adopt u to !
  6. Best christmas present!

    can your presents shit all over the fucking place ? Can they scream until u wanna kill yourself ? NO i win... haha
  7. Best christmas present!

    Just got the best present in my life!
  8. Finnish Independance day

    suomi karjala !!
  9. This ones for you Shawn

    Bye Shawn! Didn't even have the balls to say that he left the clan
  10. Moving On

    managed to found a few hours to test the server, and the difference between this one and the old one are fucking huge! Works awesome cross, We just need to fix the RCON and we are fucking good to go!
  11. Moving On

    did you manage to fix the problem ?
  12. Moving On

    Not sure if the issue is on my end since my connection at work sucks, but I can't manage to get rcon to work? Thanks for working on the server!
  13. Moving On

    As always, just let me know if I can help you out with testing and shit
  14. Welcome to Sweden