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  1. its still the same server, it has an red X next to it cause it needs to be updated since the new DLC
  2. messaging u right now
  3. that bush tho !
  4. them legs <3
  5. Fucking kangaroo country!
  6. From what I've found its not a "person" I've found numerous reports about this number that says they are a fucking fraud that's trying to fuck with people and like say that you own them money and that kind of stuff
  7. I'm gonna try to be online more and the new mission is ready to go and I'm just waiting for someone to upload it
  8. You have been unbanned, welcome back to our server !
  9. I'm gonna look into this later today when I have access to an computer
  10. it works just fine for the last hours ive played on it
  11. trying it out right now, right now im pushing about 40fps at the AO so its a lot better. Gonna spend a few hours and see how it runs and also talk to some player and see what they think
  12. im working on a update for the server that will change a lot of stuff including adding in the stuff from the new DLC
  13. Don't get your knickers in a knot, nobody will miss u !
  14. Rookie haha
  15. Airforce...