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  1. Finnish Independance day

    suomi karjala !!
  2. This ones for you Shawn

    Bye Shawn! Didn't even have the balls to say that he left the clan
  3. Moving On

    managed to found a few hours to test the server, and the difference between this one and the old one are fucking huge! Works awesome cross, We just need to fix the RCON and we are fucking good to go!
  4. Moving On

    did you manage to fix the problem ?
  5. Moving On

    Not sure if the issue is on my end since my connection at work sucks, but I can't manage to get rcon to work? Thanks for working on the server!
  6. Moving On

    As always, just let me know if I can help you out with testing and shit
  7. Welcome to Sweden

  8. Welcome to Sweden

    I will personally stop you at the border! You cheeky cunt!
  9. Welcome to Sweden

    Yeah there are alot of nice places to visit like entire northern part during the summer where the sun never sets, climb Swedens highest mountain.
  10. Welcome to Sweden

    Really fun to read about your trip and I've spent alot of night at fyrishov at those exact cabins and BTW "fyrishov" doesn't really mean anything it's more like a name that alot of places in Uppsala shares. And "gamla Uppsala" mean like " older parts of Uppsala" Did you know what "midsommar" is and why the tradition started? Or what the "midsommarstång" represent? That is the tall pole with 2 circles at the top. And it's fun to hear that you thought the nature from Arlanda to Uppsala was gorgeous since it no way near how beautiful some other parts are
  11. Dmm New Server

    its still the same server, it has an red X next to it cause it needs to be updated since the new DLC
  12. DMM stuff is all over the map on PO server

    messaging u right now
  13. Shit I found in the Internet

    that bush tho !
  14. still no internet

    them legs <3
  15. still no internet

    Fucking kangaroo country!