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  1. Division 1.7 update

    I'm farming the global event for classified gear all week. IGN seachicken-bob
  2. I'm Done

    Pease bro
  3. Moving On

    It's working alot better than it was. The AI weren't shooting back and lots of rubber banding. Just played a few minutes with some other players. Running alot better.
  4. ts3

    Yep. its gonna need a restart. I cant connect either. says 7 players have been in for 23hrs. idk

    Whats wrong with it? I havnt been on much due to moving and a shitty rural ISP.
  6. Show off your pets

    Yeah hes a handfull sometimes. We got so lucky when we got him. We walked into the pound and he was the first dog we seen. Took him home that day.
  7. Show off your pets

    This is Max.
  8. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas. Hope everyone is having a good time with family and friends.
  9. WHoops

    Thank you sir. Yeah I crashed a chopper messing around then drown myself. I had to go do something anyways so I kinda figured what was going on.
  10. Welp some retard was hacking/mission editing. Again. Wasn`t me. i did kinda happen right after I logged on tho. IGN Lou my guid is on my last ban post from 20 years ago
  11. Black car problems

    nice car
  12. TRUMP!!!!

    They rioted in Seattle last night 5 people shot. The most fucked up part about it IMO, is that a Seattle city counsel woman incited the whole thing. She wants to SHUT DOWN his inauguration. Wouldn't that make the idiots terrorists now? idk I just think its funny how some are crying about this so hard they would be willing to throw out all the rules and freedoms a lot of people have fought and died for. I'm glad he won.
  13. Same shit different day

    Patrol ops is all messed up again. Needs a restart when u can get to it please. Just logged in and it looked like last night kind of but way more lagged.
  14. Division PTS

    Late oct. But no official date yet as far as I know.