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  1. I personally saw this one coming considering barrie left.
  2. Probably because ARMA 3 server is new now so everything is gonna have to be re-config'd
  3. Um, I don't think anyone in the group plays this anymore. I bought the game and litteraly a week later everyone quits playing. Time to find another game to flip.
  4. Could be a longshot but maybe a 1% chance the guy that called grandad had a mixup. But, if not i'm sure someone here would take a swing at it.
  5. Unless its vehicles they glitched from the FOB's.. there shouldn't be any vehicles from the air base scattered. Its impossible to get to them without tags.
  6. Ah, I even humor myself sometimes:
  7. ts3

    For the most part. We like to keep TS a close knit circle. We don't give out the PW no more than we have to. because pricks come on here.. get the password then you never see them then a week later we got spam bots popping on the server for a mili second sending some bullshit then disconnect before you can trace their IP.
  8. The constant fog is due to the new "update" Arma 3 had... alot of people are complaining about this new Jets DLC...
  9. If people will play it, ill get world at war setup again and maybe we can survive 20 rounds of zombies one night. As for the new world war 2 game.. I got a good feeling. Someone made a video comparison to it and saving private ryan. the Intro was a pure replica to the intro for saving private ryan all the way till half way in the game trailer but if the game is anyway decent as the effects that went into saving private ryan. This oughta be good.
  10. Its in my library. Lets go!
  11. lol "I was drinking officer, I swear I was drunk" We'll can't say we ever had this excuse come through here.