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  1. I am Back Bitches

    who the fuck is shawn anyways oh wait ....this guy
  2. I am Back Bitches

    woah..all the words in the world and you chose fabulous......explains allot ....congrats u old mate
  3. I am Back Bitches

    fuck off u married bastard
  4. I am Back Bitches

    Well fuck me dead...welcome back BBMFIC..
  5. Sea Of Thieves

  6. new toy

    Cool toy..i didnt know the you could do that with the xbox..we are looking at getting a 3d axis cnc at work..we have a flatbed but the 3D printers look more fun especially if you can scan things that easily..impressive
  7. Sea Of Thieves

    its cross platform which is pretty nice...march 20th for xbox and PC....PC v's console scrubs LOOOOL
  8. Sea Of Thieves

    So this game comes out march 20th and ive been watching it closely..looks and plays really nice..being a pirate who doesnt love that :D..the closed beta finishes in 1 day but its been getting a lot of attention from streamers etc etc..check it out..large open world pvp 4 man crew ships and also 2 man and single man ships im def buying it could be a lot of fun https://www.seaofthieves.com
  9. Star Citizen 3.0

    always wanted to check out Elite..might look into it
  10. Best christmas present!

    my 2 girls are 1 today and 4..they are so much fun man..tiring lol but its the best
  11. Best christmas present!

    u can print a big ol dildo to shove up ur arse..see viking cant do that <<
  12. Best christmas present!

    well done DADDY! "D
  13. BF4

    True...yeh BF1 is really fun. but there's too many wallers/aimbotters..the new dlc maps are amazing..but yeh bf4 is a good change..im keen for games if anyone wants...times here in AUS are bit shit but add me on steam if anyones keen.