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  2. gotta be you 100%
  3. So still no fckin internet here ISP's being a bunch of vegan bastards..anyway hopefully soon get sorted
  4. i dont have him on my database at work and i cant see his GUID on the bans list..what was the ban reason i can try that way..
  5. ok. np's
  6. Name? im on rcon at work
  7. ill hopfully be back to normal when fibre gets put in the house on tuesday
  8. I still havnt got internet at the new house..when im up and running ill have a look..thanks for setting it up cross,viking...well done.
  9. ts3

    correct..and prospects
  10. SEEMS ok now..only thing is rcon isnt connecting and i cant hard restart
  11. ts3

    I'm not At home atm. Sry