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  1. For those that dabble in the division..1.7 is here https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:154-298795-16&ct=tcm:154-76770-32
  2. ill try jump on in nxt few days ..well done
  3. Cross probs still workin on it..u slack fuk..eurotrash needs his cocaine
  4. i also got all new hardware and TS works like a charm. And the new house I can yell and curse all night long. Happy days
  5. Livin the gypsy life.....cross finally grew a pair..take it easy on ur trip mate. see u soon
  6. Me and few of the boys are gonna get PUBG tomorrow at the lan party..ill add you denis
  7. ive been playing the division..just started really..fukn love it ..got striker set and the m4 plus few other nice pieces..im usually on when all u guys are asleep time timezone here fucked..however this weekend im at a big lan party with 800 gamers ill be playing it for sure...
  8. ive got the 4 piece striker and got exotic gloves..cant remember the name..i do need the lightweight m4. my dmg is low atm with the black market AK ...so need to upgrade..so far awesome fun though
  9. Came across this guy not too long ago on twitch..played few games with him on the division..good guy funny streamer..just hit lvl cap last night now just working on my gear.got 4 piece striker..im still a total noob, all the gear and modding is a bit overwhelming..shits all over the place.. but i can shoot straight lol https://www.twitch.tv/little_bird_
  10. Backs to the wall ..