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  1. still kicking about

    game time is limited for me at the time see yall when i see yall
  2. 7 Days

    i have one just seeing if anyone was interested
  3. 7 Days

    If we had a permanently up 7 days 2 die server who would play from time to time?
  4. A- for the story but will have to wait for rock to render verdict
  5. Days of War

    looks interesting ill look into it
  6. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    however another PO server with ACTUAL mods included such as rhs and cup might be fucking awesome
  7. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    i feel like there is a lot of hearsay on the updated server .the fact is no one but the regular members who are actually in it actually know what is going on it. there has been no deviation or additional mods to the current patrol ops server only thing that has changed is the fact that the bases look a lil different and the addition of a vanilla (stock game) feature have been added . this would not be such a fucking issue had barr1e or jaron done the work instead and updated the map. the intolerance for change sounds alot like liberal bullshit (#notmyserver lol). the server has actually been full since the update nonstop and pubbers will always bitch about something. all the functionality is still there some of it was just moved to better locations. like for example the side switching pole
  8. no unban Navi Mendez

    cracking down on it
  9. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    Ill be nice instead of blowing holes in this
  10. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    (at the risk of putting my head on the chopping block) Last i checked this was a "suggestion" thread not a what is happening thread so there's that stop blowing everything out of proportion, holy christ blowing something that's really nothing up more than a damn liberal. nothing goes live on server without a senior admins approval.
  11. Navi Mendez is a no unban his guid is 283abffb77e6954e0d5eb67e141b5f9b Claimed he was going to crash players games then crashed said players games including mine because he couldnt get admin as requested.
  12. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    If you have something you would like to see added or see fixed on the patrol ops server please enter it below.
  13. Im a suspected hacker...

    i will admit this is probably the best unban request i've seen so far lol
  14. Im a suspected hacker...

    will need your guid mate join a random server and it will pop up. also will need to wait for the banning admin to weigh in on this.
  15. NUKE !!!

    maybe the time has come to put in an allowed mod list? i spent all afternoon on and never had an issue with nuke mods however i set the bar early that i wouldnt tolerate fucking around with 2 24 hr bans