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  1. A couple nights ago I got back onto DMM after many months of inactivity, and automatically jumped back into my favorite position as a helicopter pilot. However not being too used to the controls anymore(I use a joystick combined with my keyboard and mouse which is a handful) I accidentally crashed on taking off and killed a couple of my guys. It showed up as a "mfinn killed..." and soon after I was banned. I was wondering if I could get this revoked as I've practiced my flying more offline and won't let it happen again.. I'll make sure to stick to walking places next time haha. Thanks guys. GUID 76561198059502589 Maybe?
  2. Appeal for F/O Finn

    Understood. My apologies. I just didn't realize the kart goofing around would have counted as a TK. Thank you for your understanding at will most definitely not happen again.
  3. Appeal for F/O Finn

    I only play by Finn in-game. You might be thinking wfim. He was recruiting last night but I believe he got banned. Not sure.
  4. Appeal for F/O Finn

    Recruiting for what? I don't play any multiplayer besides DMM. You might have me mistaken. DMM is the only server I play.
  5. I was banned due to TK'ing last night. However, I never did any true TK'ing. We had some down time after finishing some of the objectives so 2 others and I got karts on the track and started racing around on it. We kept running into each other(which would end up with the death of one another). I was wondering if you guys could fix this mistake, because without knowing the context, it did seem as if I was constantly killing 2 other guys, while they were killing me as well, but it was due to kart collisions. Not real teamkilling instances. Thanks! Mike