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  1. new toy

    So I asked my co workers, and unfortunately they have never used a 3D printer before.
  2. new toy

    I will ask my co workers if they used or know allot about 3D Printers. They are screen printers but one did a ton of Art jobs including restoring Bat Mobiles etc lol!
  3. new toy

    That is sweet how you can scan real people in with the Kinect, it's about time it was good for something lol! I Hope someone has some tips for you. I look forward to seeing your creations, when you have the printer mastered!
  4. Sea Of Thieves

    haha yeah I got most the Xbox exclusives for pc! I will keep an eye on how it does.
  5. Sea Of Thieves

    Unless it changed its a Xbox exclusive. Is it also coming out for PC, as their other exclusives have slowly come?
  6. Star Citizen 3.0

    I am not sure if Cow and fucker still play it, but they used to play Elite all the time. They are very knowledgeable about the game, and would be more than willing to help you learn how to enjoy it!
  7. Star Citizen 3.0

    I am not sure who plays this, or still wants to play it. I received an email that 3.0 is released, which is apparently an actual universe like Elite instead of a few repeatable missions and no direction at all. I will be trying it once I get my video card back from RMA! I hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Years. I had no desktop for a few weeks, and had to suffer with consoles and a gaming laptop.
  8. BF4

    I tried BF 1 as well it seems fishy when u have one person on enemy team 84 and 8 with no vehicle map. I also am not a big fan of no progression like old bf's. I installed bad company 2 and went in was surprised how many servers were still active and full! I am also reinstalling 3 and 4 since they also were fun. well 3 more than 4. I don't like zeroing for sniping. It was never apart of bf series till like 4. Bullet drop existed but not estimating how far someone is to be able to snipe them.

    regardless nice job

    oh I didn't know there was multiple circles and each circle counts as different stats lol

    I am confused on your screenshot it says you got 4 kills, but now you are saying in the last 5 or so lol? In WOW's I got 6 kills in a T 5 Cruiser last night, plus confederate medal, which means you did 25% damage to 4 or more ships lol

    Did you camp and wait till everyone else was almost dead lol? Nice job though!
  13. I'm Done

    He was a recruit who was friends with Assassinz who wanted to modify the server for their own means. Him and the others left and poached members as well as players for their own server!
  14. World At War

    Can't remember if it was COD or Medal of Honor but they already remade Saving Private Ryan intro in a game before. Granted the graphics would look no where as good as today's, but it had the same feeling of being in the movie! I know the people who are making the WW2 game made the Advanced Warfare game. I miss WW2 shooters so I hope it is done well.
  15. World At War

    Did you guys see that the next Call of Duty game is going back to World War 2? I watched the trailer it does look good. Call of Duty was amazing when it was just WW 2. It became bad when it became Modern Warfare every edition thereafter. Honestly I really am enjoying the latest Call of Duty as well. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has a a great campaign and I really am enjoying the space combat as well.