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  1. BF4

    I tried BF 1 as well it seems fishy when u have one person on enemy team 84 and 8 with no vehicle map. I also am not a big fan of no progression like old bf's. I installed bad company 2 and went in was surprised how many servers were still active and full! I am also reinstalling 3 and 4 since they also were fun. well 3 more than 4. I don't like zeroing for sniping. It was never apart of bf series till like 4. Bullet drop existed but not estimating how far someone is to be able to snipe them.

    regardless nice job

    oh I didn't know there was multiple circles and each circle counts as different stats lol

    I am confused on your screenshot it says you got 4 kills, but now you are saying in the last 5 or so lol? In WOW's I got 6 kills in a T 5 Cruiser last night, plus confederate medal, which means you did 25% damage to 4 or more ships lol

    Did you camp and wait till everyone else was almost dead lol? Nice job though!
  6. I'm Done

    He was a recruit who was friends with Assassinz who wanted to modify the server for their own means. Him and the others left and poached members as well as players for their own server!
  7. World At War

    Can't remember if it was COD or Medal of Honor but they already remade Saving Private Ryan intro in a game before. Granted the graphics would look no where as good as today's, but it had the same feeling of being in the movie! I know the people who are making the WW2 game made the Advanced Warfare game. I miss WW2 shooters so I hope it is done well.
  8. World At War

    Did you guys see that the next Call of Duty game is going back to World War 2? I watched the trailer it does look good. Call of Duty was amazing when it was just WW 2. It became bad when it became Modern Warfare every edition thereafter. Honestly I really am enjoying the latest Call of Duty as well. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has a a great campaign and I really am enjoying the space combat as well.
  9. Banned and stuff

    There usually is more to the story when someone is banned. It hardly ever was a carpet ban to stay banned, for this long of a time.
  10. This is totally repairable right guys?

    alright I wasn't sure I am not a mechanic. I am a computer tech / game designer lol
  11. This is totally repairable right guys?

    Is it not possible the accident was so much force, that the exhaust pipe ended up moving over to under the door, because the brackets that held it in place came off?
  12. Website WTF

    That truly is terrible customer service, their IT is laughable. It makes the monkey's at Geek Squad look like Einstein. It just shows you that the IT as well as the customer service have no clue how to run a Web host Company. Its probably similar to Shopify, because they hire tech support people with no technician experience. I know 4 people alone from my Best Buy, who got jobs as tech support. 3 were only sales people, infact one of them was in Geek Squad and found being a tech was too hard lol. The 4th person was my boss who actually is a tech like myself! I am glad to see you were able to get your database and website files to move successfully!
  13. Just got banned for no reason

    Especially cause he didn't fake being a service man trying for special treatment!
  14. Just got banned for no reason

    They need your GUID to look into this as well!
  15. You came in here giving us your statistics, pretty much before you even asked for to have your ban removed. Multiple DMM members have felt you were trying to make yourself feel entitled, by stating your rank and occupation. If you don't have time to put in an appeal, then you obviously don't care to play on our server. How the fuck did anyone insult the United States Military, god your arrogance is sickening. We have members who were, or are in the military at some point of their life... We get rid of hackers by process of elimination. You are not the first snowflake to complain and won't be the last! You as well as the others are guests on DMM, I am not sure how you feel you have any say how we run our server at all. If you simply asked us why do we do carpet bans we would tell you. Why would we care about server rankings? All I know is we usually have a full server and pretty much have to kick for DMM members to join at times! If you think you know how to run a server. Then go rent one, and then come back a few months later and tell us we were wrong with the way we Admin. Let us know how often you have a full server with your administration methods! Honestly your sister probably was innocent, but you have made yourself a fucking target. Seven out of ten times the people banned more than once, do turn out to be the problem, so our system does work. The DMM Admins are more than fair here with removing bans, but then some people come in here demanding to be removed, or deny they ever did anything. I don't think I one saw any form of asking politely for your sister to have her ban removed. All I have read was how you feel we don't run our server right, and pretty much came here to vent expecting to get what you want. Everything you have said pretty much is telling us how we should run our server. The more shit you spew the more you whine. I have seen better appeals from young kids on these forums than your post. As Viking said stating how you are not sure why your were banned, and would like to have it removed; would have been a much better appeal, than your wall of text bitching about our server administration procedures. Honestly I don't care who you are. I am not afraid of anyone online or in real life. I get tired of people coming online trying to act tough, or act superior. You are an American Officer in the USAF, so what do you want a cookie? Take a serious look at your posts and you will hopefully see what we are calling you out on. Unless they give morons officer ranks in America , I would hope you could comprehend what you wrote as completely opposite of what you are trying to tell yourself in your defensive post. The last thing that blows me away about you is; Joe removed your ban, and yet you still haven't even said thank you. Instead you kept writing about how were being mean to guests on our server. Apparently we attacked your person with our comments, which led you to writing more walls of text to defend your bullshit! I am glad I am not American, because I don't need to thank you at fucking all. Its arrogant fucks like you who give America a bad name!