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  1. Twitch and Youtube

    Posted a new video. Ghost Recon: Wildlands with Shad, Jaron and Rob.
  2. Twitch and Youtube

    Good morning everyone! I really appreciate ya'll being so patient while I've gotten over this respiratory infection. Was pretty bad there for a while, but I'm almost recovered now! In an effort to get back on track, I'll be publishing 2 videos in the next two days, as well as moving the stream from Saturday to Friday this week. That's right, I'll be streaming tonight from 7pm to 10pm!
  3. Twitch and Youtube

    Conan Exiles stream highlight is up! Enjoy.
  4. Twitch and Youtube

    New video is up! World of warships featuring Powerstrike and 7thcow!
  5. Twitch and Youtube

    Hey all, Making some changes to the channel.
  6. Twitch and Youtube

    11:00 PM GMT to 02:00 AM GMT If I'm working this internet box correctly, that is. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20170123T230000&p1=70&p2=tz_gmt
  7. Twitch and Youtube

    Probably gonna be streaming a mix of Worlds Adrift and Dark Souls 3, but we'll just have to see. 5pm - 8pm US Central 7am - 10am Australian Western Time https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20170122T230000&p1=70&p2=tz_awst Just put a stream highlight up from the game that Jaron undoubtedly dubbed super incredibly gay. I know ya'll are all in the closet so watch it anyway.
  8. Twitch and Youtube

    Hey all, Gonna start streaming on 5pm-8pm US Central on Monday and Saturday night. Check it out on YouTube: https://goo.gl/brDwKo Or maybe you're a Twitch guy: https://goo.gl/Tv5alW Hitbox, perhaps?: https://goo.gl/O3cgtD I see there's no pleasing you, perhaps Beam is more your style?: https://goo.gl/xryDDf Thanks everybody!
  9. Twitch and Youtube

    Ah gotcha.
  10. Twitch and Youtube

    Vimeo converts? I'm not sure I understand the association there.
  11. Twitch and Youtube

    Not sure how to find the conversion format. I'm recording in OBS and editing with Lightworks. I'm in 720 because it's too much of a toll on my system otherwise. Tax refund should help me resolve that situation though.
  12. Twitch and Youtube

    You mean 720, 1080 etc? I'm in 720 I guess
  13. Twitch and Youtube

    Recording and exporting in mp4.
  14. Twitch and Youtube

    Just getting into it man. I'll be able to get more of a schedule set when classes start back up. The first video was a mish-mash of different qualities. This last one (the free to play one), should have been pretty consistent but I guess I have some more tweaking to do.
  15. Twitch and Youtube

    Just put up another video. Let me know what ya'll think.