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  1. Shit I found in the Internet

    An utter disgrace I'm with you on this one
  2. Ban Appeal

    Dam This working and going to school shit is kicking my ass. Luckily got my Kevlar protection on. Later
  3. Ban Appeal

    Thanks Rock First day of work and I am going to enjoy my role. Just that dam sleep I'm gonna need lol
  4. Got banned couple months back

    Rock I have to admit that is some funny shit
  5. Got banned couple months back

    Dtron Looks like you were caught in a carpet ban. You are unbanned but we will be watching.
  6. Got banned couple months back

    This is not your GUID I need this to look into the reason. Probably was not myself but if you give me the GUID you may have a chance. Read the How to find your GUID and we'll go from there.
  7. Got banned couple months back

    I'll look into this tonight what's the GUID?
  8. I believe I was wrongly banned

    Give me 5 hours to check into this
  9. I believe I was wrongly banned

    I'll look into this when I get home. When did this occur?
  10. Emergency Roon

    Dam I foregot that joke. Well done. I needed that.
  11. Thanks for looking out for the server
  12. Just got banned for no reason

  13. I am the Admin who banned Lynnette and this was a process of elimination. I also served in the USAF and I do not ban for no reason. After I banned Lynnette the hacking stopped. I will unban but please know this I always keep a log and take my role very seriously. Thank You, {DMM}Joes Crabshack
  14. Ban appeal for Patrol ops

    Galm 1 You have been unbanned and you are correct about the carpet ban. {DMM}Joes Crabshack