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  1. Banned for zeusing

    Thanks Viking, I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.
  2. Banned for zeusing

    I wasn't on the other night, so it couldn't have been me, but if i'm unbanned and see any non-members in it, I'll let you guys know.
  3. So, I got banned. I admit that I fucked up. So, both me and my friend enjoy Arma, but he like Zeusing. Earlier today my friend was playing on the patrol ops server, and joined the zeus. Some while later Viking banned him (and thus me) because Viking thought he kicked me from the Zeus slot yesterday. Now, I'd understand getting banned for zeusing twice and getting kicked both times. But, uh, i wasn't playing Arma yesterday. Since my in game name is "Tyler Dean," and I've seen other people with the name "Tyler," I assume Viking got confused. Anyways, sorry about all of that. I know the "My friend did it" is Cliche, but I promise this is what happened. GUID is: 7993a5b74671d4fa2b4babf2655e1f59 and I was banned by Viking.