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  1. Keep getting memory error after I installed 64 bit for Arma

    there could a few reasons, 1, its Arma. 2 tru verify omtegrity of game files, on the properties tab on steam, or try playing without your mic plugged in
  2. Game recommendation.

    thanks bro! game looks sick been watching some streams and youtube videos. I think I will get it tbh
  3. Game recommendation.

    is that h1z1 just survival? what about king of kill?
  4. hey guys, ive been watching a lot of h1z1 streams and videos, just wanting to know from any of you, if you have it, would you recommend it? is the game playable or just glitch galore ?
  5. Convoy Op

    I agree! I love it when the admins step in and we do convoy ops, or some Zeus missions! Makes it harder and its good when team works comes into place. Even though it's co op, there's a lot of solo players that halo jump or just fly helos for themselves which is a real shame, love it when the DMM guys implement Team work
  6. oh yeah I know, I seem to get killed a lot then the people disconnect, usually a DMM member is online, but if not, I usually PM one, but if no one is on steam I post a thread, usually when I get killed it black screens me, fucking pain in the arse
  7. grasses get slashes, snitches get stitiches, it its true, us "pubbers", well more of us anyway need to start looking out for the server too, to many people turn a blind eye.
  8. Non Zeus dmm player

    Team Killing cunts, name and shame, Capt. Walker and Ian. Capt. Walker shot down a friendly ghost hawk when landing to pick up troops. Ian was going about killing pilots and co-pilots and stealing the helo. not to be a snitch but I'm sick of these little pricks who think its acceptable to kill people, when they land to pick up team mates when they are in the 2fps or injured just because he is an impatient little fuck boy, he feels the need to kill the pilot, then to crash the helo, killing everyone on board
  9. Non Zeus dmm player

    Ruben de silva is play as Zeus on patrol ops, don't know if that's a dmm guy
  10. just to let you guys know, I figured out that the problem is my headphones I am using Afterglow Wireless from the xbox 360, when I have the mic activated ( needs usb plugged in ) this is what caused Arma to have a memory leak, then crash and give this error
  11. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    bah, words are words... you'd have to be an idiot to take words from someone who is 2,000 miles away from you personal... its all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits... I'm sure with being Scottish I get my fair share of insults a day haha
  12. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    don't worry I know the words aren't meant, because you said "I hate u" not "I hate you", the two letters mean so much more haha
  13. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    oh dam, shits getting personal, no need for facebook when you got the DMM forums
  14. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    I only remember people mentioning that the test server was better than the DMM server for running the updated map, and with the other servers, I cant tell you as this is the only one I've played, so ill take your word haha, does anyone have any rough ideas what the problem could be?