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  1. New to mods

    Hi, I have never used mods for any game before. What are good mods to start with? Are mods only visual reskins of content in the game?
  2. Convoy Op

    Convoy ops are awesome. I played them on here and it was much more intense. The team worked together and we kicked some major ass and had a great time. Wish they did these more often.
  3. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    Is it possible we could get civilians in the AOs?
  4. I got a booboo

    Damn, that's a good one. How did you manage to do that?
  5. Server restart

    Can we get a server restart?
  6. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    The hacker statement makes sense, didn't even cross my mind while posting the suggestion. For the firing range I was thinking more so as part of the base, but again, your statement about hackers is valid here as well.
  7. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    I have 2 more suggestions: 1. Allow us to shoot in base/have friendly AI in base at all times. The enemy AI is in the spawn quite a bit and we can't do much about it. If we are allowed to shoot at base I would suggest we only be able to do so if the enemy is in the area. 2. Add a firing range near the base
  8. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    Is it possible that the max player setting can be changed to 36 without lagging the server too bad?
  9. Hacker on server

    Hi, there is someone on the server that is destroying the spawn and lagging the server really bad (I was getting 3 FPS). Can we please get someone to ban him?
  10. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    1. More "realism" based gameplay. A few nights ago there were "convoy" ops and it was really fun. No halo jumps, advanced AI, intense combat, and more strategy all made the game much more fun. The communication was very good even though only 1/3 of the people had mics as all but 2 people were in the convoy. 2. More/more advanced AI would be nice. They seem kind of... retarded sometimes. This is kind of part of the first suggestion, but the AI are really weird. Sometimes I jump down and they are 4 feet from me missing every shot. Sometimes they are all bunched up so the CAS fires a short burst and the mission is boring. 3. More transport based air vehicles, maybe a BTT, V44, or CH-49. An orca at the main base would be pretty cool as well. 4. Less night time, I don't know if it's because of where I live, but when I play half the time it's night. I personally find it boring and leave sometimes. 5. I get low FPS on this server, around 30 on average. On other servers I get upwards of 57-60. I do not know what causes this, but if possible maybe boost the FPS? I don't know how servers work so this may not be possible.
  11. New to mods

    Is personal arsenal allowed? Thank you for the information. Explains why I see so many naked dudes all over the place. Thank you for the links, will check those out. Edit: Wow, didn't realize how much I was missing out on!