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  1. server restart

    Ok thanks for the response just logged back in seems to be working now, thank you
  2. server restart

    hi guys, whats going on with patrol ops server been totaly unplayable last 2 nights, can someone PLEASE look into it, thank you in advanced
  3. totally understandable anyway thanks again for your help
  4. Thank you NATE666 for your help, did i do something wrong or was it a blanket ban? also THANKS to cypher
  5. STEAM_0:0:29346304 that is the number i found dont know what to do with it i think i found it
  6. thank you for the response how do i find my GUILD never had to do this before
  7. Hi, i"m writing because i got banned tonight on your server and i am wondering why? i have been playing on your server off an on for a couple of months and NEVER had a problem with anyone nor has anyone had a problem with me. I have been playing computer games for 20 years and have never been banned from any game Ive played i don't hack and i don't cheat, i wouldn't even know where to begin as far as hacking goes nor would i want to, when it comes down to it its just a game, i was sitting in a hunter at the base waiting for a pickup and i get a message saying i was banned for possible hack, hopefully someone can shed some light on this and help me get un banned. Thanks in advanced for any help and or adivce