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  1. Game recommendation.

    oo i tottaly forgot that part. king of the kill is really fun its the best part of h1z1.
  2. Game recommendation.

    h1z1 is a good game but i feel like there is too few zombies in it. also finding loot is sometimes taking ages because the spawnrate on most servers are too low. i didnt had any glitches or bugs in the game. if you want to play this with friends i would recommend it otherwise not there are better survival games than this one
  3. the dreadnougt

    ah i get what you mean the only mode what looks like it is team elimination there are no respawns and things are more tactical, still the game is in early stage so there will be more coming in the future. but thanks for the review!
  4. the dreadnougt

    nice to have you intrest haha i hope someday we can play as a team!
  5. Elite dangerous

    ahh now i get why i could't find him but now i know. its a nice name tho gordon ramsey midget look a like died so no more midget porn
  6. Elite dangerous

    okay i will look for him thanks!!
  7. the dreadnougt

    hey everyone i found a new awesome free to play game called the dreadnougt it has the same leveling system as WOT and world of warships, and most likely it looks like world of warships exept these are massive spaceships batteling to victory. like the games i just mentioned there are diffrent classes like tacticalcruiser (can heal others), corvette's ( small nible and strong), destroyers( have alot of damge when you reach torpedo range) and an artillery ship (wich has a long range railgun and can fire bomb barrage) and the dreadnought class it self( tanky and equipped with broadside cannons) here is a youtube vid with gameplay in it. i hope you guys will enjoy this and maybe will play it with me. my in game name is LDbutcher ps. if you installed it and you want to log in there is a bug which says that servers are offline (they aren't) all you have to do is fill in your password again
  8. Elite dangerous

    ahh okay thanks so his name is fucker?
  9. Elite dangerous

    who else plays elite dangerous ? none of my friends play it and i feel kinda boring alone in the frontier if you want to team up and play together, i do cargo runs/ bounty hunting for a living. my ign is LD_Butcher and my steam name is LDbutcher
  10. I got a booboo

    looks tasty
  11. Help Links

    i have some www.eddb.io to see station info, best selling routes and more stuff www.fuelrats.com for whenever you run out of fuel https://coriolis.io/ for shipbuilding and the price of the modules.