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  1. Sorry to keep going with this post but I visited the server first time since map redo no one was on but vehicles were all over the place still lol I destroyed all I saw before I got tired and went to bed but y'all need a new policy like temp ban or kick whoever leaves vehicle behind and doesn't destroy or return them
  2. Ok all clear it's not thermal anymore wish I could have seen who did it but they were in and out before I realized wAt was done, thanks Shawn
  3. PLEASE RESET I don't know who did it just need server reset the culprit left after fuckin it up I could care less if they ran a blow up everything script then left cause that usually fixes itself but this is thermal vision turned up and it's not fixing itself
  4. Sweet I haven't been on even after the fix cause it seemed unpopulated think once it gets going with everyone here again it will shine once again
  5. Oh nice lol Can't wait for something newer
  6. ok servers running great but we're missing something (players) I've been on numerous occasions and there is like 5 guys on @ a time there used to be min 10 to 15 just thought I'd throw it out there I'm thinking not everyone knows it's ok now
  7. Sweet glad it's working better
  8. Hopefully it'll be better I love running on this server err you guy's server it's nice
  9. Was this on purpose or were we hacked to point they got the keys to said vehicles Also it's still lagging
  10. ts3

    It is broken it is being handled by the best in the business it'll just take lil time to get it going again
  11. Well look @ this lol I am gaining traction in standings Sux though I changed my name to Maj. Scott McCoy anyone get the movie character reference lol comment if you do btw it's my new alt.
  12. ts3

    Is the server still messed up will be on tonight if it is up will still be in Arma either way lol but was just wondering if it's up and running smoothly again
  13. ts3

    It's ok btw I hope it wasn't those lil shits I mentioned to you doing shit
  14. ts3

    Still broken I think as of right now I've been on the screen before names pop up for 10 minutes now :/