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  1. I think I may have been banned

    Ok thank you for your help I will find my guid when I get a chance
  2. I think I may have been banned

    So did this mean I was banned because I just tried to join about 15 minutes ago and it came up with the same message I don't have the nuke suitcase or sspcm so it's really confusing if it's a ban or my internet being shitty
  3. I think I may have been banned

    Yes I understand this thank you for the clarification about this
  4. I know on the patrol ops server it says there is no Jetpack or halo mods I downloaded the operation trebuchet mod but I never used any weapons or armors from the mod I unloaded it to see and it says connection with host was lost and it's been doing this for the past few days since unloading the mod