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  1. Hehe. Im back.

    Well for a bit. Hello from Singapore. Going to be here a few day. Wanted to stop by and say hi, so all you old fat people don't forget me.
  2. Sweden Attacks

    Throwing my two cents in this. As a Active duty Navy for the US, having family in polits, TN both county and state level. The complexe of the matter and the morals in the are way to complex to get to, but I sum it down to a short sentence. Does the US and UE have a responsibility in this, as such in taking in the refugees. Yes, due the refugees need to be doing what they are doing? Yes and no. To explain, Why are we having a refugees critz. well it has to do with ISIS, and how did ISIS come about? Well this was due to the US and UE involvement in syria and Iraq that was target against the terr. groups and the government, but the people of the country US and UE got war tired and demand they pull out of the war before a proper government in Iraq. Then you had the spring uprising which tried to over throw the reign, which once again guess who the US and UE supported it, but the war tired people did not want to commit to wait need to be done. If we had done are part up front then this more then likely would not happen, but hind sight is hind sight. Then on top of all that the moral aspect is to help all that we can with what we can. That should be a no brainier. Next to what they are doing. 70 to 90% of all refugees are doing what is right, but the 10% of bad are the must in the light so that is all we see. Those people we need to hunt down are make sure they never get a chance to do wrong, and that will take a all hands effort for the Mil., PD, civ and the refugees themselves. Then the polits in the matter are on a Global scale. I tell you if anyone of you served in the arm forces you know how long it takes to get anything done, just think of that but now thousands of times bigger. The fact that anything gets done in the global scale as fast as the refugee is amazing. It takes time, its an unfortunate side effect, but trust me thing will get down and heads will row, but we always should question why and bring reason in to the for front. That my two cent. Does this shit piss me off of fuck course, but can I do anything to chance it, yes with voting, other then that no, not until the Navy gets call. Side note, aploz. for spelling been up for three day.
  3. This is totally repairable right guys?

    Give me 30k and and 6 months and it buff out just fine.