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  1. Sorry, my GUID is 86ffd5cac4d7c719f7befe20fab195e2. Thank you!
  2. Oh sorry, I think this is my GUID, 86ffd5cac4d7c719f7befe20fab195e2.
  3. They never told me why I was banned all it said was, "Can you hold this ban for me mate?Thanks" or something like that.
  4. So. about 2 years ago my name was MrWaffles or something like that, I really liked your server and would play on it a lot. Then one day I was banned and I don't really know why. I really loved your server and would hate not to play on it. So i ask kindly to please unban me. I promise to be more careful about what I do if I did anything. My username is Zealous212 And my GUID is86ffd5cac4d7c719f7befe20fab195e2. Thank you!