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  1. Hi Alll

    Won't be about tonight as we're off to see VAST play at the key club.
  2. Hi Alll

    Oh crap. Sorry to hear about that dude How did it happen?
  3. Hi Alll

    Good games tonight
  4. Hi Alll

    xfire good idea my user name on there is saintut Got ya request on myspace Impressive looking cup btw!
  5. Hi Alll

    Hi guys. And thanks for the warm welcome I'm also a family man myself. So I can't play after 5pm as the missus will be home I won't be working for 3 months. So I will only be playing during the day time.
  6. Hi Alll

    Hi all. I'm an oldskool UT**** div1 insta player from the Uk. I have been living in L.A for a month. I have been in and run many high division clans who all took the number one spot on clanbase.com. Nick names I have used are: effects69, FX, FX69, Saint and muffy. But I'm best knows as FX or FX69. I was also a mapper for UT2003 and 2004. And I was usualy always number one on the world insta stats. I don't play low grav or fast servers. Just your bog standard insta settings. As I have already said. I moved from the UK to live in L.A one month ago. I have only just mamaged to get my PC up and running. I'm on a shared connection. So at times ( most times ) my ping really does suck But when it has been ok the only server I have manged to find in UT3 is yours. But there are never any players Is UT3 pretty dead in the states? Do you have an irc channel? You can also find me @ www.youtube.com/effects69 and myspace.com/effects69 Hope to frag some of ya soon FX^