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  1. I am Back Bitches

    Welcome back. Eventhough it's been quiet us old farts are still here, unfortunately
  2. Best christmas present!

    Congrats... I guess...
  3. So in few days it's gonna be Finland's 100th independance day (or if we're fancy " Centenary of Finland’s independence"). So this years 6th of Dec. is a pretty big deal for us. So I'm prolly gonna go shoot in the morning as a celebration and then getting few drinks or something... like Finns do http://suomifinland100.fi/info/?lang=en
  4. Finally got some new mags for the rifle. Brownells Finland finally was able to get a shipment approval from states and had a discount weekend for mags. And just in time since EU is going with the new gun/mag ban, where riflemags over 10rnds require a permit, it would've been impossible to get new mags... So I bought 7 to make my total to even 10 mags (+2 10 rounders), that should be enough for a while. Price for 7 mags was 375$ (inc. shipping) so not that bad, althoug in US you can get them for 35$ each... But atleast I was able to get them, price wasn't an issue. One funny note is the manf date... Just to think I ordered my mags on september 3rd...
  5. Video says it all...
  6. 2017 IPSC Rifle World Shoot

    The computer says... No. I'll give a hint: it's the country with most shooters in top4.
  7. Some say... some finns know how to shoot a rifle... I say... maybe. Also in the results in Open Semi-Auto category there were 5 Finns in top10 (1-3, 5, 7), first US was 10th. Jerry Miculec was 25th. In Standard Semi-Auto we did littlebit worse. Again only 5 in top10 but worse spots (2-4, 8, 10). First US shooter was 20th. Needless to say what country took home team wins in both categories...
  8. What Musick You Lisen

    Soooooooooooooooo fucking good... Also pretty good...
  9. Welcome to Sweden

    Watch out for Viking's "it's not a thumb"-magictrick...
  10. Murica won't be the same after June

    Almost forgot to update this... So the plane lands on the 29th about 4pm and depending on customs we'll be on US soil around 6pm... hopefully. While in NY we'll be staying in Hyatt Centric Times Square hotel until June 3rd. While in NY we've cut down the list so tickets are bought for trip to the Lady Liberty on wednesday 31st (when returning visiting 9/11 memorial museum)and Broadway show (Phantom of Opera) on June 1st. All rest is open and basically just free roaming. We're traveling on saturday 3rd June to washington via Amtrak and in DC we'll be staying in State Plaza Hotel until 8th when we travel back to NY (also via Amtrak) and fly back home in the evening. I'll be taking a tourist sim card package so I can have some data/domestic calls. Nice to have a dualsim phone... Although I'll be saving offline maps with ggl maps...
  11. Website WTF

    That is some bulshit support... atleast the last guy admitted he couldn't do shit but the first guy was just an asshole.
  12. Zombie weapon

    Got myself a new zombie weapon... Got it halfprice so about 200$ brand spanking new soooooooooo happy. Displacement 35,2 cm³ Power output 1,7/2,3 kW/bhp Weight 1) 4,3 kg Power-to-weight ratio 2,5 kg/kW Sound pressure level 2) 100 dB(A) Sound power level 2) 113 dB(A) Vibration level left/right 3) 3,5/3,5 m/s² Saw chain pitch 3/8"P STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type Picco Micro 3 (PM3) From Stihl website... Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. VIKING reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.
  13. Hearing protection

    16dB dampening... beginnershit. No wonder you can hear talking cause they don't dampen anything. Every 6dB means doubling (or halfing which way you want to see it) soundpressure (loudness) so mine dampen sounds 3 times better than those Also there is a difference in limiting airpressure (you case muffles everyhing part of wave evenly-ish) and changing the soundwave entering the ear (my fancy ones). And your's will limit airpressure even under 80dB, they are not active protection
  14. Hearing protection

    Got offered to test some new earplugs. The deal is, they give me one set for free and I use them and give feedback. It's a new product for the company, they normally sell hearing aids and earmonitors for musicians. The new ones (would) cost about 210$ so yeah they're not cheap. I've been using Earinc.com Insta-Mold version for prolly 10-11 years, but they are not officially rated, these new ones are. Which is great cause I can use them at work. So the new ones are Hörluchs Haweis Impuls HLF 1 IF (German). They are rated SNR=28dB which is pretty good (I think 32dB is pretty much the highest you can get). The dampingcurve is adjusted so that normal speaking should come through little bit better. They are made from hard acrylic but the outer surface is made from softer material. The idea is that they are easy to put in the ear and they swell little bit when they get warmer to give full seal (takes less than a minute). But since they are designed to do so (and they are made from a mold of your ear canal) they don't put any pressure to the ear. But yeah can't wait to get to the range on sunday to test these out.
  15. I got a booboo