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  1. 1.7 Server

    fully support the idea of branching out mcpvp and adding a minecraft 1.7 server. At the moment, there is really nothing fun to do on mcpvp besides tracking. I don't speak for myself only; I've seen many complaining about the absolute retarded pvp. Consider the following... PvP has been reduced to potion tactics and enchantments, which has a very negative effect. Before the 1.0.0 update, there was 1.8 pvp, which was good (even though it was corrupted by the blocking and crits) but the pvp actually took skill. It all made sense. You had to hotkey to your weapon, the armor and damage was well balanced, and it didn't matter how many potions you could spam, or if you had a l33t weapon. PvP was simpler, clean cut, and enjoyable. Armor smelting and reclaiming was pretty much the only way pvp remained profitable. But we all know this. Almost everyone who pvped before the update would take it all back. A few like the potions and stuff, but I got tired of it after the first day. There is almost no skill involved in pvp anymore, and almost no profit. It aint even fun. I feel like im hitting people with a stick when im using a diamond sword. Why does it do 3.5 hearts now? wdf notch? The only way that you can even match the speed of a 1.8 fight is to spam grenades at them. Then you spend the next hour making more grenades. I dont see the point anymore. We need the old pvp back. I saw hc's list of servers that mcpvp could branch out to. There was deathban, factions, and mcmmo as the other choices. Deathban and mcmmo are possible ideas, sure. But...what mcpvp really needs is a minecraft 1.7 server. An official, hardcore 1.7 server would be amazing. Have a version of the 1.7 client available to download, and the server would fill up in no time. How would this benefit mcpvp? Perhaps it doesn't openly benefit mcpvp financially, but MANY paying players now have said that they are bored of the server. What if they quit? New players will come and donate, but why not keep the regulars here as well? 1.7 pvp needs to be brough back. Simple as that guys
  2. Hyperterminal For Win 7

    I have seen that the Hyperterminal for Windows 7 is not included in many of the versions of this particular operating system. So, you will have to find out if the version that you are using has this Hyperterminal or not. Also, several times while the upgradation of Windows 7 is done from the previous operating systems, such features are not found by the users. Hence, it is said that one must always do a clean install and not the upgradation.