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  1. Dmm Standardized Mods For A3

    for those of you who are interested in tracking framerate ingame without FRAPS, this is a recent mod that will tell you your FPS along with health, oxygen, and heading
  2. Dmm Standardized Mods For A3

    Even though wandering around in your underwear seems to be the most effective way to tell friend from foe in A3 at the moment (ask Falloff, I lit him up yesterday because he was fully clothed) the amount of emperors new clothes and invisible guns that are strewn about the battlefield seem to be increasing by the day. Ive put out an offer on TS the past couple of nights to compile all of our most used mods into one pack for an easy one-click download from this website. This would include JSRS, F18, any other vehicle mods we may end up using, as well weapon and clothing mods that we like. this doesn't mean that you cant continue to use whatever weapons you want, but it should eliminate all of the Q&A sessions about what mods were using and finding links. So post your mods here, and if everyone is specific enough on their loadouts we can even narrow this DMM mod pack to individual weapons instead of just mods.
  3. Running,galloping Robot

    I would still shit myself if that was running towards me
  4. every time a clear a room with one of those bongs in it I wondered what went down in them... and I think I found it
  5. New Insurgencey Map

    is this on Dula?
  6. Dmm Weapons Pack

    and heres the grenade launcher and assault rifle versions!
  7. Dmm Weapons Pack

    pistol version is done!
  8. Dmm Weapons Pack

    heres another days work! still missing a couple things (trigger guard, monitor) on the rear body. but ill add them tomorrow. Ill hopefully have the other 2 versions done by then as well, because Im pulling the M203 and the AR front from the BIS sample weapons. I might add some detail to those though so that theyll look better in high def.
  9. Dmm Weapons Pack

    so ive decided to expand the KSG12 (now rebuilt by me) into a weapons pack. the pack will include KSG12 primary KSG12 secondary AA12 primary AA12 secondary Master Key (underbarrel shotgun attachment) attachment rail platform ( 4 sided attachment rail with a stock and pistol grip) primary arp secondary Cornershot pistol cornershot gl cornershot AR all though this seems like a lot, theres really not that much to do except build the remaining models. but its fun, its summer, and Im getting quicker at building them. Im working on the cornershot right now and I just finished the stock. Its not much, but its the most intricate part of the gun. ill keep posting updates here, let me know what you think!
  10. Arma 3

    2 more months till beta!!! but I really just want planes...
  11. Got Bored..

    its a helo, but I might make it a jet when youre able to set joystick controls for them. (when BIS releases their first plane) because when the rotors pitch it actually effects the velocity of the craft. so it can turn quicker and stop faster than a conventionall chopper, not to mention fly faster. The speed is set with the maxspeed setting in the cfg. but everything else maneuverability wise is done with thrust vectoring in the flight model.
  12. Xbox1

    there arent many Xbox exclusive games anymore, now that Playstation has finally cought up. and since the XBox One I think is about the same price as the PS4, its kinda hard to see why you would by the system from the company whose being a dick. I dont think backwards compatibility has ever worked better on Xbox than playstation.
  13. Got Bored..

    yes I will, along with some other VTOL craft heres the folded wings
  14. Got Bored..

    yep... so theres that
  15. Ksg-12 Shotgun

    heres the link to the new KSG-12 Shotgun mod Download Link features: -twin feader tubes (press F to cycle) -configured as primary OR secondary gun -Buckshot, Slug, and HE ammo Classnames: KSG12_p - primary version KSG12_s - secondary version 7Rnd_KSG_BUCK - buckshot 7Rnd_KSG_SLUG - slug 7Rnd_KSG_HE- high explosive rounds KSG_ammo_box - ammobox containing both versions and ammo known issues: -cannot accept additional optics -shadow is chunky -hand does not move with reload animation -secondary weapon holding position looks weird -pictures in "inventory" screen do not show up properly Credits and Thanks: -LordJarhead: all sounds