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  1. Dmm Delta Squad

    im currently getting my skills back up in arrow head. im hesitant to get arma 3. been hearing alot of mixed feelings about it. so maybe ill put something together for arma 2 OA. we will see.
  2. My Return

    i think in honor of my own return, i should pull a clasic... a flghtmaster rocket roulet. what do you think?
  3. Dmm Delta Squad

    glad to see delta flourished for so long after my abscence. but out of any one that has been in it after i left.. well grovsky is right. it was never about one role only and thats it. it was about getting together to form a squad, kick ass, and take names. we cant all always be on. so the roles originaly was made for what people prefer to play. thanks for keeping my idea going so long after i disapeared. but ill be back soon. very soon. and after i rehown my skills.. maybe ill look for another squad again.
  4. Been A Long Time

    yes it has. ive been scraping by but soon ill have my own computer built for gaming and ill be ready to kick some ass again... but i think i need to go through basic training again XD hey could you shoot me a PM wiht the TS pasword?
  5. Been A Long Time

    So... i havnt been around in a very long time. but in a matter of a couple weeks i will be able to play steam games full time again. it took me a while. but i got my life back in order and i was hoping i would still be able to game with the DMM group. got my tax refund hitting in a few days and im useing it to build a whole new gaming rig. let me know what you guys think about having me back. ive missed talkin and gaming with you all.
  6. Happy Bday Woody

    that sucks. but i hope your b-day was a good one.
  7. Im Back Baby!!

    lol thanks fury. and u got it fall off.
  8. Im Back Baby!!

    guess what DMM, you master of chopper crashing and lord of chaos is back! not at full strength yet, but im alive and starting to come back into the game. ill be back on VC soon ill be on the forums. in the near future ill be back in the game it self and running side beside with the soldiers of dmm. so all you that thought i was dead.. sorry to disapoint you.
  9. Tblack

    woody i love the new pic on your sig. win!
  10. Banned

    roflmao its ok cross i know how you feel. and after seeing that little explination im not sure what is up any more.
  11. Dmm Delta Squad

    Bear Cavalry for the win
  12. Dmm Delta Squad

    cool. sorry i havnt been on much latley. ive been a little busy at work.. were going through some kind of update so work is in chaos at the moment.
  13. Dmm Delta Squad

    Yeah i remember you. Welcome to delta.
  14. Dmm Delta Squad

    Please do.