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  1. Barri3, whats a Self-filled asshole?
  2. Dmm Special Operations

    holy shit fuck, Guys this thread is about doing more MCC style shit, not marriage councelling for Barri3 and Grovesy. quit bitchin on the thread and do something productive.
  3. Apb

    Team Killing on Domination Server (Ban on Sight) XpressFM "Tojo"
  4. Dmm Special Operations

    So fuck you sparky. Aside from THAT. We can advertise the idea on patrol ops to recruit pubbers for it. Direct them to the MOD list on the forums for the downloads and run it on Sundays (which is when we used to run MCC).
  5. Gta Online - I've Been Caught!

    I knew we'd catch you one day, Barri3
  6. Dmm Special Operations

    uhh wtf? I mentioned this a while ago when we were doing MCC, and the response i got was "We aren't doing MILITARY shit!, we're just fucking around"
  7. Arma 3 Headless-Client Server Op

    according to Barri3 as of 5 minutes ago: Domination server is already setup to run with a headless client. Patrols Ops needs the slots to be redone, but it shouldnt take long.
  8. I know how to read a Post Date, cunt fart.
  9. This Guy Team Killed Us

    wow. that definately is a nice screenshot. Is that some kind of Hawaiian shirt? here, have some dolphin boy.
  10. Didn't i JUST post on this guy's clan application? I have ball hairs that have more ARMA3 playtime than you. Powerstrike is an ass, so are most of us. I have never banned anyone, but i plan on banning someone soon. I'm not even sure why i will ban them, but im sure i will think of something. I'll just be beboppin along, doing my shit, and out of nowhere *BAN* ill getcha. im gonna fuckin ban someone. P.S: fuck butts MacGuyver doodoo brown
  11. Arma 3 Headless-Client Server Op

    I guess what we're trying to get at is this: I dont know if it will work, Cross isn't completely sure it will work Jaron thinks it might work. but let's see what Ol' Sam thinks.
  12. Patrol Ops Hacked

    Server Restarted. next time just screenshot it and post the guy's name and we'll ban his ID
  13. Star Citizen / Squadron 42 News

    For people who enjoy futuristic shit, have shitty flightsticks or no flighstick, or just want cool shit. Voice Attack is a voice activated macro system that is available for FREE trial for 21 days, with a one-time purchase of 8 dollars after that. it is pretty sweet. I already use it on Elite Dangerous, and if you check youtube there are a few videos of people showcasing it for SC. Jarvis ANNA Voice Attack
  14. Arma 3 Headless-Client Server Op

    From what i've been told by Jaron (not to drag him into this) it is a possible fix. From what i've read through these guides, it seems to be a fix for REAL dedicated servers as well.