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  1. Miscreated

    me cow fucker and bandatbam play a mixture of world of warships,warthunder,dayz,division and elite dangerous,a few others but those r the main ones,as far as everyone else no clue,like i said were the only ones still comming in teamspeak so no clue what the other douches r playing
  2. Miscreated

    Yah ur commenting on posts that r 8 months or more older,nobody really plays anything together anymore,everyone is playing their own type of game,only people ever to be in ts anymore is me, fucker ,cow and bandatbam
  3. Twitch streamer

    4 piece striker is good,run yellow savage gloves and a yellow specialized bag,run lightweight m4,lvoa,or run a machine gun,i use that build and works really good,deadeye is a good build if u like snipinh,use with dragnov,dominates
  4. Is the PO server still on reset intervals

    Yah its off,was causing too many issues
  5. for honor

    Been playing it since the first techinal test,awesome game
  6. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    u have to have a thick skin to be in our clan,nothing is ever taken to heart unless ur a pillow biting liberal
  7. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    its not personal,u dont know dmm this is how we talk to each other
  8. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    how would u know the server was fine just the way it was,u have never played on it once..and dont say i have been to busy to restart the server,i have been working with the guyz to try and fix the server and make it better.know the facts before u start chewing at me,and wah u have to take 2 seconds off ur gay space game to restart the server.cry me a river bitch...dont give a shit what u say or blah blah blah that the server needs to be updated, im working on it and trying to help these guyz keep r servers fresh so we have people come to our servers and enjoy the fun...the server is running fine and it always needed to be restarted every few hours or so but u wouldnt know that cause i always did it...i have set up the server to automatically restart every 4 hours so u should never have to restart a server again,and by the way i hate u,BITCH
  9. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    fucker, there r no mods on the patrol ops server that r required to play on the server,where ever u got that from is wrong,i tested the new mission a few days ago and it worked fine...the server needs to be updated and changed ever so often to keep it fresh,and if a couple guyz want to work on it and make it better hell i dont see a problem with that..i wont let the server turn into a mod required frenzy and everything they have been doing has been going through me...no need to worry everything these guyz have been doing in vanilla content and thats how the server has always been
  10. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    not aggressive at all thats just the way it is
  11. Patrol Ops Suggestions

    will never be milsim!!!!if thats what u want move along cause its not happening
  12. NUKE !!!

    Server has been updated and now will close the server for who ever hoins with that mod,assassinz and kadaire i believe made it and i uploaded the new version earlier so it should be good
  13. What did I do?

    Dont know how many times we have to tell u guyz to stop being fuck wits to pubbers,knock the shit off or ill change the fucking password and make sure none of u douches have admin powers,if they talk shit in our forums by all means fair game..if they come in like this guy and politly ask to be unbanned do ur fucking job,be nice and thats it...
  14. Nico - Ban Appeal

    please post ur GUID and i will get yah unbanned use google on how to find GUID