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  1. Fuck you are a smartass still ahah. only difference was i keep it to in game, and wasn't ever about claiming to be something in real life.
  2. It really surprises me the effort some members take to just try and shit talk someone who been banned, its almost like it puts a massive target on their head and you just go at them. who cares if he served and retired and paper pushed or whatever the fuck he does, i just saw a wall of text and keep scrolling. He appealed gave more then enough effort to have the carpet ban removed. why it had to turn into a lets insult him as much as we can is beyond me. then that"proof" that he was talking out of his ass really just showed how much you can talk out of you ass, as far as i can see having links to other groups, games and steam dosnt change what he might do in real life. Honestly this was taken way to far and some of you have way to much time on your hand just to try and put everyone else down, it really disgust me to see how some of you treat others on here sometimes. We ban because we care has been the motto for many years, not we ban and hate on everything you say is not. ps. the whole lt blah blah wasnt really needed in the first place it does paint you out as a target online because the only people who say that shit are usually people who want respect not deserved. a i dont know " i dont bother with this kind of thing because of working in the military"would be sufficient to get that point across and hold respect.
  3. Daniel -Ban Appeal

    damn, to think there was a member so blind to our grand motto.....
  4. let me explain something

    How the fuck did i come into this shit, Fuck you, you tea drinking homosexual
  5. Kick for TK

    are viking and that other guy fucking retarded? he never once said anything about being banned from our severs, and has done nothing to get a responds like that threatening to ban him. if someone simply comes in and ask us a simple question like he has then someone should just answer it. no need to get all high and mighty ffs. @greenteaguy the issue is the player was not in the same squad as you so it did not give him a hexagon on your hud to show his location, Its not a bug so you dont have to worry about it, usual you should be able to see the person clothing to find if they are friendly or not and when looking at them should come up with their name in green to show they are friendly.
  6. I think that pictures mentally scared me, Takes the cake for most fucked up thing iv seen in awhile and i saw Grovesys mum last week.
  7. Banned

    fuck this post is gold.
  8. Appeal for F/O Finn

    Viking your should not be one for bitching about tking in the sever in down time, i do recall you blowing me and others out of the skys for no reason but for something to do........
  9. Someone will remove the ban dont worry about it, you put a effort into coming onto our forums to have access to our servers and thats enough. Just post you GUID and we will unban you. (is that long number letter combination that shows up when you join a sever in the chat)
  10. Eat a dick, you pedo sick fuck

    well it does say steak knife in the article.
  11. i love this, two of our more fresher less cunt of people member change this guys point of veiw on out server so fast haha, i think he might of wanted to kill himself if he ever met fucker or cow when hes drunk.
  12. Tire Ski Jumping

    i dont know why but i didnt want it to end.
  13. was it a mod or beta update? if it was a mod just go into you arma 3 directory in steam and delete it, if it was a beta update going into you games steam setting opt out for the beta and validate you game files.
  14. Installing my new CPU

    please, i was just laying the foundations for barri
  15. Installing my new CPU

    i thought that was your mum.......