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Found 2 results

  1. So from my experience playing on the patrol ops (Which I have done a shittonne of a lot lately) I have found some bugs and things to improve on, some of which I understand is not DMM's fault but still might be worth a look to fix. So here goes my list: Dragon Teeth at spawn: Something I notice quite a lot of the time the medical tent and the camo netting over the ammo box is constantly knocked over and irreversible, also players being hit by Strykers/tanks in the spawn area. So maybe a simple set of concrete dragon teeth surrounding the spawn area and medical bay will stop people driving through there would be a good fix to both of these? I would suggest H-barriers but like on Zargabad they can sometimes be annoying to get through. More Humvees: Humvees have been increasing in popularity lately especially with the search and destroy missions.. They have become used a great deal more, however only two infantry combat humvees is causing some issues. Maybe if there were a few more parked in the compound where the recruit AI is located we could have players a little happier having access to patrol vehicles for the search missions. I also see small groups like th3barri3 has been with who will just drive to the AOs in these Humvees, which I do find pretty cool as its not always needed to be flown in. New tasks not loading fix: Think this has come up quite a bit lately especially in the 1.6 version. Tasks are taking extremely long times to load in, if at all. This has happened a few times even on a quiet patrol ops server and with the extended period where there's nothing to do players do seem to tend to start teamkilling, messing around and misbehaving, and starts to become hard to control, especially with a larger group. If no fix would be available.. maybe make it so the server admin can do a skip task/force task action that will instantly open a task for everyone. ACE ammobox: This request is not just one I am making myself, but others have also asked about it, just today MgySgt. Sharp asked me to suggest it, and I do agree with him quite a bit. Although we can play on the server with ACE we are somewhat limited, with weapons and equipment. We do not have access to safety glasses or ear plugs. (Which is actually a big problem, getting into helicopters we are blinded, and around large weapons we can lose our hearing completely). The rangefinders also become useless without a battery. So if maybe we could add a scripted ammobox just around the corner that would be filled with ACE weapons and equipment (I may have a script somewhere already written, or if not I can go ahead and write one up for everything we would need in it) and anyone who has ACE can come here for their gear and it wouldn't effect the other players as they would just see an empty ammobox Vehicle loadout area: A great idea I have found others using is a simple system that allows you to kit out the trunk of a car/truck/heli with a certain set of equipment. You would pull the car up next to a service point and scroll wheel, select say "MG team loadout" and it would spawn a bunch of extra belts of M249 ammunitions, some spare barrels, a couple spare MGs, any other type of relevant ammuntions and you could just drive off with a nicely packed Humvee ready to loot out of during a firefight. Other loadouts may include: Rifle team loadout, Anti tank loadout, Sniper loadout, etc. It's a great idea for a quick load up ready for a patrol where anything could happen. (Once again I may be able to scavenge a pre-written script) Fortunate Son full length audio file: I think a lot of us get a kick out of flying into a fresh AO loaded up in a helicopter and all of a sudden someone plays fortunate son for the travel in. I mean I enjoy it a bit too, but the problem is, our .ogg files aren't long enough for a nice long full song ride. So maybe if a server admin is in a helicopter, just like the Lock vehicle script they could play the song to everyone inside of that helicopter as a nice little touch to motivate the troops. It would enlarge the mission file a little, but I think most people would enjoy it. Ofcourse I just posed this suggestion up for a little fun, but would still be awesome to see it in our next update Ammobox Helipad: People seem to be finding it hard to find the ammobox point/load an ammobox in their helicopters or cars, I was thinking maybe we could go back to the old park ontop of the helipad and have an ammobox loaded? Also noticed the vehicle service point you do load ammoboxes from can be destroyed meaning no more ammoboxes are able to be transported/dropped. Will probably add more to the list as I think of them, but for now this is a good list to look at.. As always I would be happy to help with anything along the way, like I said some scripts I may be able to sort out myself, but I don't know who is currently modifying the patrol ops missions so I'll just be posting here until then
  2. Seems a lot of people are seeing that the P/OPS server is down? Could that MAYBE.. I'm saying almost probably, mean that it ACTUALLY IS DOWN? Just wondering when it will be back up so I and the many others that play on the wonderful DMM Patrol Ops server can get back into the action. THANKS Y'ALL!