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Found 12 results


  2. Fun with Mods in ARMA 3

    Nate getting jiggy with it!
  3. I was playing in the DMM Clan ARMA 3 Patrol Ops Server. I have to say that I´m new to Arma 3 Multiplayer so many server dynamics where unknown to me. I was trying to get an Hunter MRAP airlifted until some server admin arrived in an enemy helicopter with a red circle on it so I thought it was an enemy but it was actually a server admin and he told me to stop "cruising" around the base. I asked him if I could get an airlift but he didn´t answer and left. It is worth to say that minutes before, there was a guy who was ramming helicopters with a hunter before so it could be a confussion. 30 minutes after that there was a new mission and we had to defend Poliako I think. If im not wrong, these defend mission spawn lots of enemy helicopters so i thought it was a good idea to bring up a Cheetah. There was a Pilot at the base that was flying the big helicopter from the DLC and I drove the cheetah next to the helicopter so he would airlift my vehicle but the pilot left the server so I decided to wait for someone that would fly the helicopter. Later, someone entered the helicopter and it suddenly explodes out of nowhere so I decide to take the cheetah the old fashioned way by driving it to the defend zone but immeaditely after I leave the base I got a "banned" message saying "Go back to COD bitch". I really want to apologize if I was doing something wrong beforehand. While i´m new to the multiplayer, I´m really a team player that always stick with the squad but I thought it wasnt a bad idea to bring some firepower to the battlefield with vehicles.
  4. Hi, so i got banned on your A3 Patrol ops server for teamkilling, but what really happend was that i was defending my self beacuse this guy was shooting at me so i shot back beacuse i thaught he was an AI. it was just a big missunderstanding and i would really like to get unbaned
  5. Flight school 1960's

    Hey guys, I came across this video. Army helicopter training from the 60's, too bad they don't make docs like that anymore. Aventino
  6. ARMA 3 PVP (AAS)

    I was on the Patrol Ops server and I asked a DMM member ( I believe that it was Razor) if he knew/ could find out if you guys would like to come and try some AAS (Advance And Secure) with the guys that I usually play with. I am not trying to steal members, I just want to submit an idea for a friendly (as friendly as PVP is) match that you guys could look at two ways: 1) as a challenge or 2) as a friendly match. If you would like to talk about this or even just come take a quick look our Teamspeak address is and our forums are and Please use the Google+ site as we are trying to move over to Google+, The other link to the old forums is just there in case you would like to look it (membership not required). Like I said before I'm not trying to steal or recruit your members, but just want to propose an idea. Thanks for your time, Postwartax131
  7. Arma 3 Nexus update

    Arma 3 had a update called the "Nexus Update" It adds stupid shit to the game. But as of course BI can't fix anything with out something else fucking up and breaking. I cant even last 10 minutes on the server before my arma crashes. Anyone know a fix for it or am I fucked till BI gets off their asses and fixes it. This only started happening after the update.
  8. Hello Admins. Yesterday Night, I was banned for no reason. That was my favourite Domination/Invade&Annex. I am not sure what I did wrong These are my mods I had on last night: - CBA - VAA - RHS - Blastcore (all three) - Reduced Weapon Sway - Unlocked Uniforms Now I am wondering if the VAA or Unlocked Uniforms was an issue or was it something else? I was in a black hawk with a gunner and we were circling around the ao. I was not in the pilot slot but I figured that I could use it because other players were just taking the littlebirds and hellcats from spawn and going around and dumping it over the map. So I thought it was best to go over to one of the camp and get a Black Hawk from their. Everything was going well until I got a message on my screen. | Admin Ban | Remember no information about the ban, just the two difficult words that could be shown to a player. So I am requesting why I got banned, If I can get unbanned and who banned me? I am not quite sure if this is the right place to put a ban appeal because I couldn't find where the section was on the forums. I hope you guys can help me. Kind Regards, `InsaNe.
  9. Arma 3 server needs restart

    we have had about three hackers we have had to kick and now the server is starting to fail can we get it restarted?
  10. Arma 3 Patrols "no mission issue".

    Has anyone found out what the problem is?
  11. At aprox 10:00 PM GMT -5 on Aug 18th (day of this post), I was banned by, and I am assuming, Pancaeks. My in-game name is Bradley The situation from my point of view, in chronological order. Another player is talking about how he hadn't ever been intimate with a girl before, and I asked him how old he was. He said he was 15. I told him, don't worry, it get's better and you have plenty of time. Pancaeks then tells that person to "get a life." I begin to 'lay it on' Pancaeks, because I play this game for fun, and I don't need assholes ruining it for myself and everyone else. I called him out on being an asshole, and even though doing so wasn't polite, I wasn't (in my opinion), being overly aggressive. I even had another player agree with me over voice chat. Just as I was saying "between the two of us, I promise I'm the bigger asshole," in an attempt to stop all the fighting (counter-intuitive, but it has worked for me), I am banned with the simple message "DUMBASS" in all caps. There were no warnings or kicks before the ban. I have met a lot of responsible young people, and while Pancaeks seemed young, he was not responsible and in control of his emotions. He did not, in my opinion, represent your community well. This is my appeal. Hopefully you take everything into consideration. I quite enjoyed my time on your server.
  12. Arma 3 Devs Released

    See here for more info, there may be more around the net, but this is the first thing I saw.