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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. I was banned form Arma 3 patrol opps server for apparently hacking. I was enjoying playing on your server when someone started blowing up the base and TK'n people including me several times. The sever did a reboot and when i tried to log back on it said i was ban for hacking. Im thinking i may have been baned by mistake and would like to join the server again. I had never TK'd anyone and was playing by the server rules. My arma 3 name is Icejad and player id in arma 3 is 76561198141027127 My guid is d3910de3e40d6b566f2e254d944ae115. I hope i can here from you soon and be unbanned as soon as possible. Also what dose it take to become a member as iv enjoyed playing as a team with the members that have been on at the same time previously.
  2. Here's the story: We were having fun in the server screwing around while doing the objectives, this guy named Jack was flying for the first time in ArmA III and he crashed into the spawn (on accident? I don't know). So DMM Viking bans Jack, and we start saying he should unban him because he's a nice guy and he probably didn't wanted to kill everyone. I ask him to unban him because again, Jack's a nice guy and next thing I get banned for: Getting sick of your voice, I'm not a squeeker or anything, last time anyone called me a squeeker was 3 years ago. I think the admin was just frustrated or something. I do play on the server alot because its always active and it's simple and the people are usually nice. I would really like an unban or at least make it not a permanent ban. Thanks.
  3. Hello Admins. Yesterday Night, I was banned for no reason. That was my favourite Domination/Invade&Annex. I am not sure what I did wrong These are my mods I had on last night: - CBA - VAA - RHS - Blastcore (all three) - Reduced Weapon Sway - Unlocked Uniforms Now I am wondering if the VAA or Unlocked Uniforms was an issue or was it something else? I was in a black hawk with a gunner and we were circling around the ao. I was not in the pilot slot but I figured that I could use it because other players were just taking the littlebirds and hellcats from spawn and going around and dumping it over the map. So I thought it was best to go over to one of the camp and get a Black Hawk from their. Everything was going well until I got a message on my screen. | Admin Ban | Remember no information about the ban, just the two difficult words that could be shown to a player. So I am requesting why I got banned, If I can get unbanned and who banned me? I am not quite sure if this is the right place to put a ban appeal because I couldn't find where the section was on the forums. I hope you guys can help me. Kind Regards, `InsaNe.
  4. I really enjoy both DMM servers, mostly for the open mod support and that there are always people on them. Last night my friend and I joined the DMM Extreme Domination server and while we were gearing up in base, a hacker started making smoke grenades shoot out of everyone's backpack. like rainbow smoke. I saw a message in chat saying "that smoke grenade hacker is back" then we both instantly received bans. I assume the hacker logged in when we did, or just started screwing with people shortly after we arrived but we had nothing to do with it. I can understand banning the last few people to enter, if I hadn't already been playing on the server for weeks without incident. There are plenty of regulars on the server that could back that up. I can give you steam names and GUID's via PM or whatever. mine is the same as this forum handle. Thanks for the servers and keep up the great work! TLDR: I no hax, plz unban.
  5. I got banned a while back, for no real reason. I shrugged it off and moved on but now your Arma 3 domination server is the most played. I would love to be allowed back on.
  6. Ban? For Using Mods

    Hello DMM Clan, I was playing on one of your Arma server last night a was flying a jet, which was a mod. and they way i got it was the vic spawner (much like the mod arsenal everywhere found on Armaholic). To the other ppl playing the game it look like i was fly a visiable car. Can I not use mods on ur server? If so this was a completle misunderstanding of the rules... and would like to have another chance.... Username was: PV2 L.Baker
  7. Question As To Why I Was Banned.

    So I'm just curious as to why and want a appeal also if possible. When I was playing I noticed areas that said DMM area only risk being kicked or banned if you went in. So I said fine its there server thats cool when we were waiting for a mission I was riding around and I found some go karts at the go karts track got in one drove around while waiting and got banned. I'm guessing its cause of the me being in the go kart but there was nothing there stating not to get in. If I wasn't suppose to I'm sorry, if possible I would like a ban appeal. Many thanks and have a good day, Garrett J Morgan[LF]
  8. So one of your servers got hacked around 10pm MST and I was on it at the time. One of the mods reset the server and when I tried to get back on it said admin ban. So I think one of your mods or admins mistook me for the hacker when I asked if they where admins and if they could fix what was going on. They reset the server I guess, and then I got banned. Itd be sweet if I could continue to play on your servers. If you need anymore info just let me know Thanks
  9. At aprox 10:00 PM GMT -5 on Aug 18th (day of this post), I was banned by, and I am assuming, Pancaeks. My in-game name is Bradley The situation from my point of view, in chronological order. Another player is talking about how he hadn't ever been intimate with a girl before, and I asked him how old he was. He said he was 15. I told him, don't worry, it get's better and you have plenty of time. Pancaeks then tells that person to "get a life." I begin to 'lay it on' Pancaeks, because I play this game for fun, and I don't need assholes ruining it for myself and everyone else. I called him out on being an asshole, and even though doing so wasn't polite, I wasn't (in my opinion), being overly aggressive. I even had another player agree with me over voice chat. Just as I was saying "between the two of us, I promise I'm the bigger asshole," in an attempt to stop all the fighting (counter-intuitive, but it has worked for me), I am banned with the simple message "DUMBASS" in all caps. There were no warnings or kicks before the ban. I have met a lot of responsible young people, and while Pancaeks seemed young, he was not responsible and in control of his emotions. He did not, in my opinion, represent your community well. This is my appeal. Hopefully you take everything into consideration. I quite enjoyed my time on your server.
  10. Hello about 6 months ago I was banned on the DMM Zargabad Server, I was being shot at by a friendly and was defending I killed him and everyone got mad at me so I left (I know that looks really bad) and tried to login the next day and was banned with the message "TK and leave u DIC" I just left Arma 2 and went to Arma 3 but now I really want to get back into arma 2 I was wondering of there is anyway I could be unbanned I know its a long time since I've been banned. So could I be unbanned? Maximus