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Found 5 results

  1. NUKE !!!

    " 1LT Dividson " and other player's are using NUKE'S to destroy town's and city's can I get an admin ASAP pls... tnx
  2. We have a hacker in the server... exploting the helis in med air... killing people arround... and theres so many people that u may catch him... if this is not right place for this topic.. pls let me know where should I put this....
  3. I was playing on the dmm clan patrol ops server and a scripter joined the server. The admin joined a bit later and started banning people as "possible hackers". I dont know if he found the hacker but i assume there is a way to know if I wasn't a hacker.
  4. Hey guys and gals, Around 1 AM EST, I was playing on the DMM patrol ops server when a hacker joined the game and began to spawn random NPCs inside the base, causing the overall performance of my PC as well as others to drop significantly. Shortly after the spawns began, the server admin at the time whom I believe to be {DMM}Rock began banning everyone from the server to flush the hacker out. I completely understand the method he used as I am sure the hacker is now gone, however, the current admin neglected to remove the ban from myself and possibly other players. Any help is appreciated and I hope the matter is resolved quickly. Thank you very much, the poop in your pants
  5. Hacker/scripter

    Caught this dude scripting/hacking. He was spawning vehicles, seemed to be invincible, and had a fully automatic rocket launcher on him with unlimited ammo (or it seemed to be unlimited). His name is "daGINGR44". Saw him on the A2 Taki Domi server.