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breathe in the beauty ~~Behold the Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C~~

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I have upgraded my F7C Hornet to Stealth

F7C-S Hornet Ghost Upgrade Ship Upgrade


Through a combination of low-emission drives, low-draw weapons, and Void Armor technology capable of diffusing scans, the F7C-S Ghost is built for the pilot who wants to keep a low profile. The Ghost is capable of slipping past the most ardent of observers to accomplish whatever goal you need to accomplish. Don’t worry, we won’t ask.


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Post all information on your ships, upgrades, changes, skins etc here

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MISC Freelancer MIS


Xi'an Aopoa Karthu-Al


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Drake Caterpillar:



Anvil Aerospace F7C-M Super Hornet: 




Drake Dragonfly (Yellowjacket):


I'd give screenshots but my computer is shit haha.


Edited by {DMM}WileyType
Updating Hangar. Sold some ships, upgraded others.

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Thank you The Man the God the Legend! Here's my list of ships in order from shortest to longest. Some of these ships look absolutely amazing!

Updated with new ships on 8/27/2017

Aopoa Nox (6m)


Aopoa Nox Kue (6m)


Tumbril Cyclone CYC (6m)


Tumbril Cyclone TR (6m)


Tumbril Cyclone RC (6m)


Tumbril Cyclone RN (6m)


Tumbril Cyclone AA (6m)


RSI Ursa Rover (8m)


Kruger P-72 Archimedes (12m)


Origin 85X (13m)


Misc Reliant Mini Hauler (13m)


Drake Buccaneer (20m)


Aegis Dynamics Eclipse (21m)


Drake Herald (23m)


Origin 315p Explorer (24m)


Misc Prospector (24m)


Aegis Sabre (26m)


Banu Defender (28)


Misc Freelancer (32m)


Aegis Vanguard Warden (37m)


Aegis Vanguard Sentinel (37m)


Origin 600i Explorer (62m)


Origin 600i Touring (62m)


Anvil Crucible (80m)


Banu Merchantman (100m)


Misc Starfarer Gemini (100m)


Misc Hull C (104.5m)


RSI Polaris (155m)


Aegis Dynamics Reclaimer (158m)


RSI Orion (170m)


Misc Endeavor Master Set (200m)



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I fixed the upload and total storage size for forum members, edit your post , you should now be able to insert fill size images.

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Thank you the post looks much better with some art to go along with the text.

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Anyone else get some new ships? I've updated my post to reflect the new items. The only thing missing are some of the rovers: Lynx rover, nor the Origin X1.

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So when will the game actually be 100% ?   It actually looks good, but I am not into buying vaporware, or what amounts to being a demo.  When it goes beta, I'll buy it.  Until then, I 'll stick with an  "A" class Fed Corvette with level 5 engineered "Beams". For that matter my "A" Class Imperial Cutter and Anaconda, with class 5 engineered shit as well. 

If anyone does play Elite, Bud and family, along with some stray noob pubbers are having  a blast flying in wings and helping each other with the game.  More than willing to assist anyone else that needs the money in game, or just in general needs assistance.



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Well the first PTU 3.0 is due to release this year. They are squashing the remaining "blockers". This PTU will entail a persistent universe, the ability to steal other players ships and claim them as your own. Its all very great quality looking I'm patiently awaiting the beta for the 3.0. Oh yeah and there's this whole other side, planetary landings with the ability to get out of the ship, walk around, perform ground missions etc. I'm hoping for the 3.0 release some time in October. History tells us this date will probably slip to November or even December.

As for when this game will be 100%. I hope never, in that they will continuously improve and add content to it. When will it be playable in a MMO space sim fashion, I hope sometime in 2019 for a "release to manufacturers" type quality and completeness. As you can see in my rather lengthy post above, I'm fully vested in this game already as I do "own" all those ships in a lifetime insurance ingame fashion. I do hope my lifetime insurance will serve me well as I learn the game with all those fancy ships. Anyone not looking to pilot, I will always be looking for more crew members!

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