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  2. I am Back Bitches

    who the fuck is shawn anyways oh wait ....this guy
  3. I am Back Bitches

    Fuckin' Eurotrash is everywhere......that pic is probably a likeness of all of them since they are all inbred.
  4. I am Back Bitches

    damn, that's a nice picture of shawn ! or anyone of these trailer trash cousinfuckers we have in this clan
  5. I am Back Bitches

  6. I am Back Bitches

  7. I am Back Bitches

    woah..all the words in the world and you chose fabulous......explains allot ....congrats u old mate
  8. I am Back Bitches

    bitch i was fabulous
  9. I am Back Bitches

    fuck off u married bastard
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  11. I am Back Bitches

    fuck.. you still alive .. fucking finns..
  12. I am Back Bitches

    Welcome back. Eventhough it's been quiet us old farts are still here, unfortunately
  13. I am Back Bitches

    Well fuck me dead...welcome back BBMFIC..
  14. I am Back Bitches

    OK so I have been gone for about 4 months, I don't see that anyone noticed or cared, so fuck you too. dont turn your computer on for four months, it takes a bit to get everything updated and sorted out, that is where I am now. I will be getting some server updates, game updates and other adminning done in the near future. ~~ good to be home~~
  15. Sea Of Thieves

  16. Just a heads up to those that didn't know i am attending collage so i am not on alot any more.  That being said i am still staying in DMM so dont get any weird rumors going!  ive put 7 years into this clan and i dont intend to throw that away!

  17. new toy

    Cool toy..i didnt know the you could do that with the xbox..we are looking at getting a 3d axis cnc at work..we have a flatbed but the 3D printers look more fun especially if you can scan things that easily..impressive
  18. new toy

    So I asked my co workers, and unfortunately they have never used a 3D printer before.
  19. new toy

    I will ask my co workers if they used or know allot about 3D Printers. They are screen printers but one did a ton of Art jobs including restoring Bat Mobiles etc lol!
  20. new toy

    Download the windows 7 SDK files and developer files for the kinect 360 to use in win 10. Download skanect software and boom. I had my daughter rotate on her hover board, or you can just slowly turn around and scan is done. Cheaper than buying a 3d scanner if you already have a kinect. I know adjusting the temp and speed make a huge difference with smoothness and strength. filaments are all different, so each type needs some serious tweaking. I have a cheap, under 200 dollar printer, but some of the stuff came out superbly, so cheap is not necessarily a bad thing. Most of the sub 300 dollar machines are identical, just have different frame structures holding them up, motors , print heads, firmware are the same. basically i3 Prusa clones.
  21. new toy

    That is sweet how you can scan real people in with the Kinect, it's about time it was good for something lol! I Hope someone has some tips for you. I look forward to seeing your creations, when you have the printer mastered!
  22. new toy

    So I got this new toy, and Google showed me how to use the XBOX 360 Kinect to scan real objects into 3D digital ones. The first image is my daughter. The second is the Anaconda, that one I downloaded. Need to work on temp settings and such to get the best prints. My daughter's was on high temp PLA, need to tone the heat down and retry. If anyone has a 3D printer, and some tips, I'd love to hear them.
  23. Sea Of Thieves

    haha yeah I got most the Xbox exclusives for pc! I will keep an eye on how it does.
  24. Sea Of Thieves

    its cross platform which is pretty nice...march 20th for xbox and PC....PC v's console scrubs LOOOOL
  25. Sea Of Thieves

    Unless it changed its a Xbox exclusive. Is it also coming out for PC, as their other exclusives have slowly come?
  26. Sea Of Thieves

    So this game comes out march 20th and ive been watching it closely..looks and plays really nice..being a pirate who doesnt love that :D..the closed beta finishes in 1 day but its been getting a lot of attention from streamers etc etc..check it out..large open world pvp 4 man crew ships and also 2 man and single man ships im def buying it could be a lot of fun
  27. Star Citizen 3.0

    I am not sure if Cow and fucker still play it, but they used to play Elite all the time. They are very knowledgeable about the game, and would be more than willing to help you learn how to enjoy it!
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