About Us

Welcome To The World of ---- Death Metal Militia

We are a gaming clan that focuses on playing games of any kind. If it is fun, we play it. All games are open to all members we do not restrict what anyone plays or where they play it. While some games may get you teased it is all in fun, we are a family.

When we began killing

DMM History

DMM was founded in July 2004 By CrossFire and Mindfold. Our first servers we operated were hosted Ravensheild servers. The clan quickly grew because Ravensheild was (IS) a fucking awesome first person shooter. We were very active in Clan matches, wars, and had a group of allied clans that we played with nearly every day. As Athenasword became the newest and greatest we updated all of our servers and kept on with the killing spree. Some mistakes were made Crossfire had founded another clan and tried to integrate them, but many of the players from American BloodSport were tiresome cunts, it took many years to say good bye to American Bloodsport, but the lowlife that tried to take over quickly killed a legacy of excellence that once was ABS. DMM Lives on. The clan grows and shrinks but is held together by a core group that goes back to 2004 CrossFire,Fury, and an former South Park Cows member - who we just call Cow or 7. It has been a long road with many games behind us, but we are still here.